Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rain taking a break..but so is warm.

Last year this month we averaged near 70f and even had a near 80f. This year? Its 62f and cloudy. This is pre global warming bay area returning to Scrooge.
I feel cranky. Rusty.
I'm also tired of seeing water that glues junk to the side of the house and car...I mean leafs,and twigs and things that splatter and dry on the lower parts of the home. Toss in all that moss,mold and mildew and its dank. Cold and dank cant be good for the lungs to breathe.
What a cruelty that none of this water falls for free in summer when you need it,the yard needs it. No,it just soaks plants that in the chill of winter are dormant and don't care for rains then. All they get is rot,not growth.
I guess if you lay in 60f might get warm in an hour. Or colder. I don't feel like testing.