Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Sad writings"...

I notice when people cannot say that what I wrote is a lie...they fall back on everything else. I've been far ahead of the curve over the years...almost clairvoyant. As you know I called Billy Beane wanting to step down weeks before he did just that. Tip of the iceberg for me. I caught ESPN passing Lin racist jokes a week before it made headlines. You know how much credit the bay area people and media gave me? None.  I put it in just laid there on BASG blog. I have a long list of predictions that came true.
So when I give an opinion that people don't like? They come up with all the creative ways of putting me down. AND what happens when I'm proven right later? Does anybody ever come back and say..Stan you were right!...No. Never happens. Even if I go back and find a post weeks or months old and drag it up to the light again? Crickets...those same people say nothing.
Even Lowell Cohn or Steve Berman...nothing.
So now  my TRUTHS are called "Sad writings"? Then I guess life is-in a way- sad for them and they don't know it!.
Truth scares people,its hard to take..not even welcome.
But I'm damned good at it!

Let me add a biggie. I wrote last summer "This country goes left to right"..Nixon to Carter,Carter to Reagan-Bush,to Clinton. Bush to Obama".  Trump has now followed that . I wrote that!