Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sid Rosenberg,Larry Kruger..all thats wrong with our culture. How the ones in power- keep it.

"Fired" becomes just a vacation when the same shows they were fired from,brings them right back-with an increase in pay. Like the nut General Mike Flynn..failures don't seem to stop his being hired again,in the same positions.
This is what I've seen over a lifetime...a person of color? Once they get fired..there is never a  welcome back from the same company. They are lucky to stay in the same field. Its why- but I don't endorse of course- the black newsman who shot the reporter and the cameraman. He had enough of seeing others NOT be perfect and keep a job..while he was never perfect and first man fired. I wont say he was great at his job- the point is,there are few second chances..and if you need 10 chances as a person of color its never going to happen like it will for the right types...
Now Rosenberg and Kruger?..neither is exceptional. Neither I'm sure ever makes great ratings. So,why do the corporations take them in ? They are like those who hire them..and help to keep it that way.
I wouldn't doubt they are also basically dishonest people attracted to the like kind also. Like Gary Radnich.