Thursday, February 9, 2017

Study says to be white,male,republican is an edge in business dealings. UNLESS....

On a program called "Politics of the mind" I think it is,was on KPFA- more like a segment- Two Indian American statistics experts,Ph.d's at that, said that when you are CEO of an investment company you will get MORE business with that background over somebody with an ethnic name. That the prejudice is so ingrained that even if those ceo's don't produce well,they are able to keep investors.
On the other hand,they found that IF the CEO was Ethnic or a Woman and a company did very well- it actually got MORE business then with white male Republicans because the stereotype is that the woman or ethnic person who does as well or better then a white man MUST be a genius!..hence they all want in on
Racism and bigotry and money..just too funny sometimes.