Saturday, February 11, 2017

The San Francisco Right Wing Giants..

There has to be a reason the Giants always seem to side with the conservatives..If its not their announcers,its their star players trying- and some did- to get out of meeting with President Obama. The Brandons.the Posey and the Freaky one Tim, and the Madbum were anti Obama. Why when they do nothing but hemorrhage money and fame I would chalk up to pure greed. I got mine,and none to share. The usual every man is an island to keep his money. Unless they need a gov. loan for the farm. Or tax breaks..oh yeah,they love those.
So anyways...When Larry Baer allowed Larry Kruger to just sit down like 2005 never if HE was the ONLY possible person to host on knbr..that was strange. I wonder what would have happened if Kruger had slammed Israel and gone all pro Palestinian?..ok I don't wonder- he wouldn't be in the business- anyplace. He though just marched through the Caribbean. Very forgivable.
All that in the most liberal city in California. Go figure.

The Giants win..great. But they are really easy to not like. Top to bottom.

 PS:Ford F 150 trucks? Junk...