Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump lies about everything. "Successfull mission" in reality a deadly failure.

To listen to the White House they recovered the recipe to convert tin into gold by middle eastern  alchemists.  They can claim anything about or who can check?

So far,One dead,three wounded,and nothing but more taxes for you and a regulations break for Exxon. Yes,they can pay foreign governments in secret. Good old boy Rex did that within 24 hours of taking his job.
We have a deranged President..with a weird taboo relationship with his daughter. His real wife is nowhere to be seen.

Hillbilly America has got what it wants. All those years of them praising the Nazi's..decades of that...Trump is feeding the racists exactly what the fix asks for.

You better be afraid. Heads in sand could end life on Earth as we know it.