Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump's praising of Putin: Like a man blackmailed by photo's that could end his empire.

That's what I think.  Trump sounds exactly like a man who's being blackmailed. "Vladimir,I can only praise you so much,I have to say I might not,oh,get along with you- but I WILL say you seem like a great guy!"  "Is that ok?"
There is no real reason in the world a Donald Trump ignores Putins history...unless Putin has him by the hairs. Either its golden showers..or its hackers and websites. Or-who knows? its both.
I understand Congress is looking into the hacking even as the White House has done nothing. A future bombshell. Or like Trump said about Hillary's email "Bigger then Watergate"..a President of the United States working for the Kremlin would be bigger then Watergate squared.