Monday, February 6, 2017

What a weird post SB dream I had..

I ate so much,I fell asleep on a full stomach and had one of those vivid dreams as clear as virtual reality. Only VR has to be something you know is a fantasy. Dreams will always have the advantage in that all the nonsense- makes sense and you never think otherwise.
I dreamed I was in some dry warm climate and I looked down and saw lizards...only these lizards ran around me to eat some white mice. The kicker? The Lizards could talk and were like children all happy at food. Made perfect sense to me! That dream just went on and on..Im walking dusty roads until I meet some "old friends" As usual in dreams Im sure I know them,have old times with them..until I wake up and realize I never knew those people-lol. Same about everything else...nothing made sense once I woke up...but in that dream I was talking to them like I knew them for years..ha.

That whole thing with dreams- that they make sense- is a wonder of the mind,how and why does the mind do that?..besides too much Pizza late at night of course.