Saturday, February 18, 2017

Will Stan ever regret what he writes?

Maybe. Sometimes,a quick reaction to a slow reaction- like when you send a tweet or comment,and its seemingly ignored....then the next day,you get yer answer. Oops. Then I have to take back "Too good to answer huh!!?". At least I leave at that (most of the time) thank goodness.

On the other hand..the more I write about Radnich? it just stays right. I never have to go back and think I got it wrong,no,just the opposite...I was right there reading his mind for all intents and purposes. One reason why what I say about him leads in views on this blog. He only gets competition from some posts of mine that turned out to be gold,like Dan Ashleys hair for one.

I do though wonder if Trump does in the years to come destroy democracy..the witch hunt for anti Trump bloggers will get a knock on the door? If so,I SWING AS HARD AS I CAN.
So anyway's no need to regret ripping Radnich, or the now demised Yahoo sports talk show,or Republicans. I was right about all and much more.