Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday 20% of my blog hits came from Russia...

I guess Russia wants what America really thinks of Putin without bullshit.  Well,we know he has Trump notes that he can call on to Trump's empires failure. We know that.  We know Trump took Putins aid to win the Presidency because really,what does Trump give a damn about Crimea? Its Mexicans Trump hates and has a Jones hate for. Besides,Trumps wife looks and sounds like Vampira..and that has eastern Europephile all over for it with Donald Trump.
So,fuck off Crimea Trump figures because 98% of the USA also doesn't care...unless they know its a bad thing. Trump of course says it ain't.
But ..Even I'm shocked to see millions signing petitions to see Trumps taxes. Who's willing to fight to the death over medical care. So..liberals are now being produced again. I'm not the last of the Mahicans to think Trumps a bigot to call a senator Pocahontas.