Friday, March 31, 2017

Radnich KRON sponsors gone?

Hmm. I have to take a closer look next week.  He is I notice on a time leash- you see him staring at the clock now all the time. I bet they told him.."Run past your time and we dock you for what it costs us". Good old NEXSTAR ..just what Radnich needs in his life, structure.

Kruk and Kuipe back. Eh.

The oldest Giants. Never rock the boats and that's fine for most Giant listeners. But I don't hear much reaching out to people of the sun by Kuiper. When one of the Giant's people of the sun get traded he's full of good riddance.
He knows I'm right.

Donald Trump the first American President to ever be a traitor.

I don't need to hear more. He's colluded with them enough from what we KNOW,that I call him a traitor. His gang are all pro Putin American buddies.

Trump in collusion agreed to accept Putin's help in return for bad publicity for Hillary. A fact. Don't argue with me unless you want a cake mushed into yer face. Another fact...

If Trump is sensitive that he lost the popular vote  I wonder how he stews on the fact he only won because of  Russian Oligarch gangsters and the brutality of Putin?...and WE KNOW IT! . Time for Donald to reach for the Rolaids.

wow,A real American President owned by the Russians. It really happened. Christ.

Trump really thinks people are stupid.

Asking Flynn to take immunity? wow.  As if any commission would. That's ending any more investigation.
Watch out that Nunes does ask....fear that.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Was it from me? National voice calls White House people Beverly Hillbillies.

I dont remember her name..but she was talking about Nunes and bad spy imitation and those in the WH..
It was close to calling Nunes ,"Jethro".
I said it first!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Seperate California movement. Do you know who funds that? Guess.

Russia. They pay for the office space and more for that "movement". To think I thought it was a joke all this time. Somebody is spending money-lots of it- to divide America.  Russia.

Trump still has 30% of America right behind him.

I know that if you supported Trump and still do? There is nothing he can do that's wrong in your eye's. I wouldn't waste one iota of breath trying to make a Trump person see the light. Trump could do all manner of awful things and his people would excuse it,blame the other side "She's a tramp!" and always fall back on "He would have saved this country, if those etc,etc,hadn't gotten in his way"
Traitor,wont pay taxes,nepotism,sleeps with his own daughter..all forgivable.

But if Trump EVER said "I Donald J. Trump am gay and my partner is an Asian man who likes to wear Dolce and Gabanna"?..those supporters would drop him in an instant. Reviled. His face would be on the paper bulls eyes.
30% of America is not

Kellys and Erins purty and dainty. Gloria's,tough and right at you.

How do mothers know what their girls will grow up to be? HOW??? They find names that fit personality at the day of birth!
Linda's? Heart of gold types who are pretty that have a troubled side.
How it seems.
Lisa's make great wives. For some reason So many MLB players and coaches have wives named Lisa over the years seems to me.

I think we have a friend in NEXSTAR. Clamps down on Radnich.

Its 4 minutes and out..and he's faaaaaar to the left side of the set podium , is telling. He got under some new execs skin AND I get the feeling his putdown humor isn't going over well with the new system. I mean what good does it do the station to continue to make Grant Lodes or Steve Aveson-Cathy Heenan- his stooges? Right? that has ended.
Even at KNBR...other then the insane insulting comment he made to KGO newsman Mark Nieto about his mother,its been "stick to sports". Advice you would have thought he would know by now.

News Flash!...Casper mattress commercial girl has best legs in nation!

Catch the commercial fast,I have a feeling its a short term one...
Her thighs taper to curvy calves....calfs? She's no cow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump wont throw out the first ball. He's a real man of the people..

He turned down the Nationals. Why? I would guess he's never been athletic and will look girlish when he throws a baseball. His little hands and all. At 68,its going be a dribbler toss at best. Bounce and roll....
PLUS...60,000 people booing and heckling isn't a good photo op is it?

Now,its on to the Senate Investigation.

The Houses investigation is dead. All Nunes does is announce everything is cancelled. His career as a Rep is over. Now? He just wants to be a good soldier and parlay that into a post house job into one with big business..Trump Co. is a possibility.
He cracked the door open with last weeks hearings. The noise he made to nail the doors and windows shut a week later, guarantee that THE PUBLIC will DEMAND action. On to the Senate gang...

Some FOX news hosts cant swallow the Trump party line..

Trump is so crooked,so nutty,that now even Fox news hosts are getting fed up. They don't rip him...but I see Shepard Smith, Brett Baier, and Neil Cavuto are not into big rah -rah partisanship like the usual Hannity and O'Reilly far right puppets.
An interesting development. I think they don't want to go down in history as the guys who supported Benedict Arnold Nixon Trump.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Why isnt Trump blaming Paul Ryan outloud? Ryan controls Jethro Nunez.

Now you geddit?  Ryan says- "You make me look bad and I remove Jethro and put a Democrat in charge."
Ryan saw how Putin owns Trump..and its working for Ryan too. Trump is a coward- hid behind the Judges skirt...all he does is smoke.  Any anti smoke machines come around and he's in a panic.

Is there a bigger dunce then Devin "Jethro" Nunes?

This guy takes the cake..has the most high profile job after President in the country..and goes to the White House and tells the crooks under investigation what they should know about secret intelligence knows about their illegal activity??? WHaaa?  THEN, he thinks that he should keep his job as leader of said investigation?  That's as open stupidity and dishonest as a politician can get.
He advertises "I tell that bad guys how to avoid the good guys"..and just acts like its part of the job?? You see why I call him Jethro..that's not cajones,that's pure bumpkin.


I call it as I see it. You remember a tipsy JR Stone 2 years ago did a lecherous interview with the then Miss Universe from the Philippines? Oh,he got flack for that. Kept his job though.

Yesterday he was doing the intro to a Viki Liviakis food review segment of a Filipino eatery..and he did it with gritted teeth and no smile. Like it almost hurt him to say "Filipino".

How I see and saw it.

"Judge" Jeanine lied. Obvious.

She had liar written all over her face when she played the "nobody told me what to say card". I watched her lie,she never would have passed a polygraph test. Her hesitation and gulp gave it away...
I have a PhD. in body language.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

JIM HARBAUGH RIPS DONALD TRUMP! for budget cuts that hurt low income people..

Harbaugh was upset because Legal Aid for low income people was slashed out of Trumps budget.

Wow,In one day Libby Scaff says Mark Davis is full of bullshit, and later I read Harbaugh points out Trumps cold heart budget. Its nice to see real pushback to the rich who take Trumps cue they can piss on all the rest of us. As Trump watches ....

Oakland Mayor Libby says Mark Davis is full of bullshit.

About time. Enough treating him like he's not a selfish bastard.

Stan Predicts!: Trump to pardon Flynn,Pence,Riebus. Or...

If it gets to where Trump is impeached? Pence wouldn't wait until the ink is dry on that before he pardons Trump..and his crook family.
Basically Donald Trump has a license to be a crook for life,print money and all he will get is the media bad mouthing him. That's it.

Democrats had to save Donald Trump from himself..

Of course it would have REALLY made Trump look bad- terrible- if that Trumpcare had passed. People by the millions would have only ER care..hundreds of thousands who actually own or have homes and cant pull that ER stunt would have been forced to die in that home to avoid enormous hospital bills.

All that would have been worse then every terrorists act combined in the history of this country. Demo's could have laughed at Trump and said "Told you so". But,they don't think like Trump does...

So,Democrats and for a strange bizarre reason the far right saved Donald Trump from a health care disaster.
Now,he can be impeached while the country has health care.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

How does Rich Lieberman always know what I EAT?!

When he wrote I should relax and eat a egg sandwich? I had a a couple of days earlier gotten the egg sandwich cravings. So,I boiled a half dozen,then mixed with mayo and had on Wonderbread. Just total cholesterol or bust eating. I mean,eat healthy or eat what taste great?- I still live. Might as well eat what tastes good.
Last time he predicted what I ate- something about lots of Bacon. Had that right too.

I would be paranoid..but something about my writings might give a people a good idea of my version of fine eating. Coffee with loads of sugar too.

Trump has failed:In Yemen,Muslim ban1 & 2,Flynn,Health Care,.and failing with Russia and NK. Dow,now going down...

He's been President Accomplish Nothing. His "I promised" shows that what he promised was either illegal or not what the majority of the country wanted. Just red state wants. They want moonshine too.

Radnich eroding his powerbase. Wife doesnt even look happy.

I was watching Fridays..and his wife is showing long suffering syndrome. That's when even spousal compliments in public get a "yeah right" look on their face-lol.
There is more to Radnich moved left then what he claims as "better lighting"..NOBODY is swallowing that one. Its punishment for the guy who just couldn't do sports normal..he had to get political,go after people he once worked with and got to the point that even Cathy Heenan- she of not hurt a flea Heenan- got ripped by him on air. But,you know all that so I don't need to say it...

Nunes probably saw he was caught on transcripts..

That's what freaked him out. Some benign conversation he had with the Trump team.  Legal,normal,but it scared Jethro Nunes enough to run to the WH and squeal like a little girl. I bet that's it.
Trump knows he's guilty as sin. THAT's why he didn't reveal what Nunes "proved" that was supposed to help him. It only made him look worse.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mike Savage new book: Most expensive toilet paper around.

Its a bit rough too...

Gary Radnich and Pam Moore on the outs? Part 2.

Ok,I made the effort to watch every KRON news sports segment. She has not said anything in 2 of yesterdays 3 news cast to Radnich. Not one word. At 10:50,she did say thank you.  There also was no effort by Radnich to do anything that would need her to speak.  Between that and now having somebody block a direct view of her on the set by moving Radnich to the far left,says Radnich days are numbered I think.
When his biggest enabler tired of it,that shows that Radnich that will tread on his closest friend if he decides that's what he wants to do,is now in return getting Karma running over him --well over the speed limit. A segment for Stanley Roberts.

btw...What created this sounds like it goes back to his pretending she wanted to give him oral sex? "Pam wanted to watch my pants go down" what I heard last Friday. Oh boy.

KNBR..has traffic updates...again.

Just put on the radio station that says it fired announcers because it no longer would doing traffic updates.
It meant to say "We fired pro union workers who talk". 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beautiful TV woman is natural. But national political writers..are beautiful too.

I've been watching the woman writers of the Washington Post or New York Times doing TV political shows. Kirsten Powers is like a former wife of Tiger Woods. You see these woman scribes are thin,younger,and very attractive. Of course the men writers can be total stereotypical slobs...fat,huffing and puffing as they talk. Bald. Young guys who look like they never exercised in their life. Then you have statuesque Kirsten,stunning in black.
I guess its true..people thought Fred Astaire was a great dancer...but Ginger Rodgers had to keep up  with the same foot moves...backwards and in heels!
Such it is for woman in our culture.

Not only did I call Trump fake wiretaps...

It turned out ...Nune's got his "insider" info from the White House! He was part of a coverup. EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED.

KTVU really hurt by FOX news affiliation.

Its not your mother's Dennis and Elaine news anymore. Its the lies and slant of a right wing world wide ring owned by Rupert Murdoch who as you remember hacked into a dead teenagers Iphone to get a sensational story in a British Murdoch owned Newspaper.  Rupert Murdoch poisons everything he touches. Lucky for us he touched Trump huh?
KTVU's national story's are hard to take. By comparison cheapo KRON uses reliable CNN. One reason why KRON gets more views from me then ch2.  It never used to be like that. Of course KRON's newsroom wont put those CNN story's until half the news is over. Boy is Aaron Pero conflicted or what? I know he wishes he could use Breitbart if could get away with it.
KTVU has a strong font. But the supports are getting to be like Hollywood sets when you look behind.
How I see it.

Its looking like Trump,Bannon and Priebus orchestrated hacks,and Wiki leaks with Putin.

That's the treason and criminality. They worked with Russia aka Putin to hack the DNC,and time released information to hurt Hillary Clinton. ALL ILLEGAL,TRAITOROUS ACTS.
Trump's financial dealings with Russian oligarchs softened him up. Made him think being a traitor was worth the reward.
Trump thought running for President was business as usual.

Trump such a self absorbed man actually thought he could pull this off. It lasted 2 weeks until Mike Flynn resigned..

Kasie Hunt,Katy Urt....who's who?

I can't tell the difference..looks,sounds,even womanisms. Both are the wide awake, perky, perfect GF type. What you always wanted in HS or College.

If anybody has last Thursday's KRON 10 pm newscast- post it.

IF you do have it me to it. Something happened that Radnich did made many people at KRON very angry.

Gary Radnich and Moore..not the same?

She said nothing to him yesterday. NO long laughs from her. And in one live shot,her and Steve Aveson could be seen pointing at each other to be the one who has to say "Thanks Gary" as Radnich finished the 6:45 sports. Neither wanted to interact with the Sports Director? Ooof. 
Finally,it was Aveson who had to speak.

The way Radnich keeps embellishing how he and Mike the floorman won the Korean and Vietnam wars sounds like an old guy saying goodbye. Or,calling in favors to make him look good . Desperate.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I called it. TRUMP has "evidence" created of Obama and wiretaps.

Did I or did I not say,that Trump would have something done- faked- to be "proof" he was wiretapped?  And then today, Nunes! Our version of Jethro came through.
Am I good or what?

Do you wake up wondering what the next Trump news is? Before you even put the TV on?

I do. Like McCain said,this whole Russia- Trump thing is waiting for another show on the millipede to fall off.
Its obvious who Trump is. A vain,shallow man,low on scruples who will never resign..he will force the government to hog tie him and carry him out of the White House.  Trump has no sense of dignity as we saw from day one.
That he's so darn polite to Putin is a guilty plea to me.
Its no wonder cable ratings are all time high. People I never watched,Hosts,I'm practically an expert on now. ALL of them. Even Fox news.
My nerves are getting nervous.

Radnich did get one thing right. We and him agree...

When he said killing animals for sports just doesn't seem right as he showed a Shark -Tiburon- being hauled in by 49ers on a fishing trip...I saw the only thing he's ever said..well,ok,not ever,but its been awhile,that I thought sounded like a wise older man.
As he told it, his young staff..none must have gone to college ,wanted him to show that as if it was something worth the time.
Any educated person would tell you that the population of sharks world wide has plummeted. They are slow to reproduce..some have baby sharks without egg shells. Like a human.  Their being fished out by ..well you name it. Asian country's,Russia..African.
Its the 21st century..killing 300 pound animals for thrills shouldn't be good news.

Radnich now doing a succinct KRON sports.

Yep,something last Thursday at 10:45,greatly upset NEXSTAR management. Radnich is given 4 minutes and its all sports.
I don't know who Janice was that he spoke of Friday pulling down his pants..or if "Pam liked watching that" true. That management yelled at him must not have been a joke.
But,Radnich is far to the left of the set in the boonies and he must have an ironclad contract since it all adds up to "please go away" in mood.
One last. Radnich said with sarcasm that "This last week at KRON has been my best in 15 years".  You be the judge of that.

Devin Nunes...Jethro in charge.

This man is rocks for brains. Another far right California kook gifted to the nation.
He runs to daddy Trump to squeal how to get away with his illegal acts?..Traitor.

Trump hires team of lawyers to go after girl with Trump Kittens web site...

True..gave her the desist and stop it right now,order. All because of her internet game of kittens who swat Trump right in the mush.
Now,I heard FOX news commenters say about Trump's Obama Tweets "Its not like he has 24 lawyers right there to advise him every time he tweets"  If anybody has a team of lawyers it would be our crooked President.
Further to make my he ruins this country playing golf 35% of his time in office,he seems to have time to shut down a teenage girls kittens website.

Who raised this man?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump says "Uneducated white people are my biggest supporters".

That's a quote.   What did I write when he was elected? 

John McCain hates Donald why does he vote pro Trump 95% of the time?

This is what the nation hates about the Republican lemming party. John McCain makes it clear how amateurish Donald Trump is...but McCain has voted nearly unanimously for every Trump appointee.
John is bark but no teeth. Show a little voting backbone. Even when Trump says McCain would only have been a hero if he died fighting...McCain votes party-Trump- line.
Republicans have that much hate for the common people. More hate for poor people.

Media blogging,fun but as important as the price of tin in Bolivia.

I try not to get a big head. Over anything. Too old. You think a lotto winners who's 80 years old feels the same as a winner at 35?
Everything feels numbed older. Why I say..after 24 its all downhill.

Hayward the blue collar city. Blue collar with oil stains on it..

Not just motor oil...some cooking too from all the deep fried foods. I have to wonder how I ended up stuck here. I see big progress in every city around Hayward. Just not for Hayward. We have a downtown that's designed to wizz you past it. A shotgun house design for the streets. I don't get that.

We also have a large part that in the 50's had a tropical look. Palma Cea. Its why you see Miami Street,Gainsville,etc, and back then EVERY home had a tall graceful fan palm planted in front. So,after 6 decades that must make an awesome display right?...except Hayward didn't want to pay to clean up after those cut almost all down 20 years ago. What could have been a sight that made us different? We now have just another run down tract area. No personality like before. Would have fit in with Global Warming.

Oh,we got the in the bay area. Best water. Never hot,never (usually not) too cold. But we get lots of 80's  in summer. Leave the fog of downtown Oakland or SF..and 35 minutes later here its warm,in summer.  We also never get the heavy yearly rains of the northbay. Perfecto!.....except,its in Hayward.

A University,and a College in one small city. Yet,nobody knows of any college culture here. Not a Berkeley. Like we shoot fish in a barrel- and miss!..Forever.

Yeah we do win city with most performance exhaust pipes. On cars,motorcycles and plenty of trucks. I had a guy work on my only took a few days to notice "You have a lot of people into loud cars huh?" Just my luck.

Well,I try to enjoy my tropical plants here. My banana's,even Mangoes. Its the least Hayward could do for me. I never got the boost here Jack Del Rio or the Rock got. Not even a Kristi Yamaguchi. I can't skate.

415 throws brushback pitch at me..!

Its all over Savage. Rich is just fanatical crazy about the guy. Talk about Putkin and PROJECTING on to me? You get it.
Hey, I got my 5,000 views a month. With no need to suck up to anybody. Heck,I thought I was helping his blog..Who knew you had to be perfect to send in comments to his blog?

btw.Like the last time? I cant make him publish my comments. So,whats the beef?

Lets review the Radnich near push right off the set..

He started about 3 or 4 years ago getting touchy feely with the anchor woman of KRON when he as you might remember, sat at the desk to the left of Pamela Moore for near 30 years. The problem was...the fill in female anchors didn't seem to like it. After months of that new behavior by the aging Sports Director KRON created the dais for him to stand behind. He couldn't get his hands on woman.
Well,he's been doing his new entertainment show long on nothing to do with sports,but a lot of "Pam ,look at me!".
Now,I missed last Thursday at 10 pm show..he must have really pissed off the NEXSTAR management a lot faster then KRON's old ownership, as they put him like 3 steps from the building's alley to do sports...and Steve Aveson is now between Radnich and Moore..who said Monday she wants it that way.
Moore can get things her way sometimes and she's not asking for things to go back.
You also cant help but wonder if NEXSTAR isn't hinting to Radnich that he's not long for their future?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Radnich now pushed to the left side of the KRON set. For the lower status.

I told you he upset somebody with his pretend unbuttoning his pants on Thursday,then he repeated that on Friday for those who missed it.
The old man is falling apart on air. Like Trump,Radnich is his own worst enemy.  So,he chooses to do and say offensive things on kron or knbr? Then face the consequences.


Enough of this bum. He's Benedict Arnold 2.  How do you take away his power before he takes us all down? I mean.if he thinks he will be removed from office,are there safeguards if he THEN decides to nuke North Korea? Or Syria or ?. A political straitjacket is what we need for this kook crook.
History will call this man the worst American that was ever born.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gary Radnich got his wish. No Meals on Wheels for Seniors or lunches for kids.

Remember when I reported that Radnich,all pumped up by Trumps run for president squealed "NO MORE HANDOUTS!"..on knbr?  Got his wish. No more free meals for the frail elderly. No lunches for hungry kids.
Its what Gary wants.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry dies.

His music was revered..but I never seemed to like the guy himself. Something a little skeezy about him. You read about the underage girls,the drugs,and not much about Chuck Berry donating to charity's and the like. You did read he wanted money for everything he did and upfront.
Still,the 50's must have been good for Rock stars. Little Richard,Fats Domino,Jerry Lee Lewis...all outliving 80's rock stars.
The 80's were like..a vacuum. Could be me..but the 70's had more and so did the first half of the 90's.80's were vapid. Like the cheap vids made.

Chuck Berry gave it a good run..I mean,he could sing Johnny B. Good everyday and walk to the bank for the last 60 years and plus.

Stan calls for time travelers of the future- to make their move on Trump.

I've seen endless Twilight Zone.SciFi movies about changing the past. So,Now I call on them to get here to 2017 and take out Adolph Trump before he pushes the button of all buttons..or before we are reduced to starving poverty stricken masses in the worst rat race America ever designed.
If time travel was ever done...then lets see the proof. I would settle for impeachment if they want to stay "anonymous"

Oh- ok toss in advanced Aliens from other worlds in our midst's. A helping hand- or claw- is appreciated.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Janice pulled Radnich pants down as Pamela watched?

That's what he said.. I missed the whole context but all around looked embarrassed by the old mans babbling humor. He even pretended to pull his pants up. Great for kids watching to insinuate getting head.

Janice? Janice who?.I don't know. But Radnich added that whatever happened at Thursday nights (This written on Friday)10pm show had management angry at him.

So Radnich makes it sound like he's thumbing his nose at them. Him brave to management? LOL..he's the last man to stand up to them.

Just rambling stupidness on his part..and its getting boring to watch a whole segment with him nowadays.

I thought it might take years before people would see Trump is a dummy.

He exceeded my wildest dreams- literally. In days he was tripping and lying and cheating,.days!
You see his ad man say that meals on wheels is not worth the tax? That's Marie Antoinette in a business suit. Did you see Trump himself say  "Uhuh" when told that his funding cuts would hurt the rural white people who voted for him in blocks the most?. He never blinked. I say that literally too. Made no impression on him.
Whats that syndrome where a person does not see he's dull to other peoples pain? ASPERGERS! (googled) THAT's what Trump looked like.
I only wonder why the delay on calling for his impeachment?

KAPERSKY LABS...RUSSIAN front!..LOL,"winner" of PC magazine antivirus!!!!..

You read that the company that "wins" so many anti virus and malware programs is in fact owned by a man trained by the KGB and is STILL considered a front for Russia and Putin? They in fact paid Mike Flynn!
So,go ahead install everything they offer that blocks everybody but the KGB! THEM,you now have inside yer PC.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I post about the British and Trump in the morning...later in the day it makes news.

If you see the date mark my musings about Trump and other country's intell? Well,by the afternoon it was out about some Fox commentator of the rightwing nut category said something like that..and Trump used that as an excuse to accuse Obama. Yeah,its a weird circle.
I never knew what Napalitano had said on Fox. I also was talking about Trumps hooker and money entanglement with Putin.
Still,deep down,left and right.know Trump is a liar.

How much you wanna bet Israel knows about Trump,Russian money and hookers?

From the start- if the British Intell knows it,then for sure Israel's MOSSAD knows it too.  You don't see Trump busting Britain or Israel's gut do you?

Impeach Trump for his lying Tweets about a real president,Obama.

This might be the crack needed in the Trump facade. Or Trump does crack to sound like he does - I couldn't pass that up.
I thought Repubs were smelling blood...but that health care made some Repubs hate others and all don't like what Trump is doing to the party name,such as it is. Ryan,Paul..some big Republicans are getting fed up pretending Trump knows what he's doing about anything.

You ever met a big old dumb contractor? With money farting out of his ass? And wonder how that particular dummy could make so much? Explains Trump. Once you jump on to the developers or builders wagon there is never going back to broke. Unless you spend it all on Russian hookers. They are attractive with those part Asian features...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The stupid think they rule.

I've had that punk on the cycle get his courage back..never fails. When the police are around they never want to give THEIR side of why its ok to rev and speed. I stay. I talk to Hayward PD. They-Punks- dont. Hell,- they dont stick around, EVER. Nooooooo. All that boasting bullshit they give me? Gone.
I though tell them exactly what I think of them. If they don't like that..then best they should have left me alone. As a matter of fact I tell them everything I know they don't want to hear. 5'4" and have a mean Bike that you think makes you a badass? I tell you what a runt pretender you are. Or,how I never see you with a woman.

Yes,I know my ground. I STANd it.


As he and a customer that he apparently upset at a eatery exchanged words carried to when Savage was leaving. After the dust settled both were placed under citizens arrest.
From what I read..I would advise Savage to lay off the vino. It makes him a mean drunk and gets him in trouble.

Russians move in to the Mediterranean. Trump does nothing.

 Trump fears pee and paper- as in where the money trail is,to the point he's done nothing. Putin is chuckling,laughing,beating his fist on the desk in laughter. Its his dream come true. He owns the Donald.

Trump is falling flat..even in front of his core.

YES!..he invoked God and mom..yet,the crowd of autoworkers was lukewarm. Trump knew it,and made the speech short.
I said his first week he's on the fast track to being impeached..and the real government of the people are not going to let him bring this country down.
I hope.

Trumps FAKE IRS form...

Its been half a day and already we know the IRS form that was "exposed" by Rachel Maddow was more then likely sent to the reporter guest by Donald Trump handlers themselves. We also know it was a copy..not the real IRS document. What that means came from somebody who helped Trump files his taxes..who knew it was so clean that having the public read that Trump paid 30% of claimed income that year would only do the WH good. The man who has bragged he pays as little as possible suddenly pays double+ or x ,in 2005? Does that make sense to you?
This is typical Trump..and coming after the Paul Ryan tapes..all screams Donald Trump plays dirty,and always has.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


That's why they asked for another create fake untraceable documents..backdating with the help of Sessions to insert into the file cabinet you might say.
Trump is a criminal. He handles problems with more criminality.

Republicans smell blood to take down democracy.

They never wanted democracy. They want a free market for big business,while putting lead weights on the poor and middle class. See? If you cant prove yourself to become wealthy like them? Then you have no rights,no entitlements. They look at rights as entitlements. Education for kids,health..all that make us a great country,they oppose. Also..Steve King of Iowa? That's the goal.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Will of the cold shoulder to my Tweets.

Beats me. Never said a bad word about him. Will USED to answer my Tweets. I guess he changed his mind since KRON would NEVER tell him to ignore me.
Leslie Brinkley,Jessica Castro..nada,never answer.  Eh. Plenty of other good people in media. Like Stanley Roberts,KNTV in general is friendly,Matt Keller,Amy Hollyfield.  Just chit chats and jokes. I don't really have huge questions for them that need to be answered..neither do you!..but its nice when they do.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

With Trump,giving yer nephew $10 for Christmas counts as income and he's employed..

My point is,when you lie about everything like Trump and his people? You can keep on going with no limits. Haven't you noticed the double talk is now shameless? I see Trump imitators who can smile at millions of sick dying of bad or no care and twist that into jobs for the funeral home skyrocket. "Able bodied people find jobs!" Trump will say. Makes sense until you get sick.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Congresswoman says Traitor Trump sexcipades are true.

Between meeting with Comey and what we all have learned Maxine Waters has come to the conclusion the dossier is in fact, true.
As we also see,Republicans don't care or care to know. They are power hungry and will love the devil if he has their agenda in his heart to wreck our Democracy. "Make America great" could mean bring back slavery for all they care. Only this time around- they send old slaves back to Africa to fend for themselves. Or any third world person who enters the future Trumpacratic country.

As I predicted- Traitor Trump becoming our recluse President. Mute too.

Did I not call that? He's not talking. When he does,he's reading from script.  Trump fears being eaten like a lamb as his WH leaks like a ship in a typhoon with missing hatches. Something like that.

Whats the difference between North Korea's leader and ours?

Ours is simply following purges in his great leaders footsteps. Other then that..weird hairdo's mark their brotherhood. Oh,and nuclear weapons.I forgot those.

I'm going to write a childrens book. Wait until you see the title.

The best advice they will ever get from any kids book. Should be a best seller on the NYT's list.

Friday, March 10, 2017

As long as Trump says Messicans and Moose-Lambs,his voters stay loyal.

What jump started his run? He will build a wall because of Mexican rapists,etc.

He tapped into what is the core believes..all their problems area caused by foreigners.

Oldest argument in the book. All over Europe- life was perfect before foreigners they claim. Hitler purged. In the Clinton years Bosnia purged.

Trumps approval is low..but it should be in the gutter. He's a popular traitor isn't he?

I have Duck Dynasty neighbors...

Who's speeding grandson hangs out with dopers?- you got it ,the flagpole flying Hillbilly Duck Dynasty guy down the block. I've had troubles with speeders. To find out that the half breed grandson about 20 hangs with Marco the brown drug dealer figures. Half breed is in the Army I hear. What does it matter? He's still a trouble making punk with an attitude. Now he and Duck Dynasty uncle- with beard and twang- think they can get pushy.
I push back.
Getting Hayward PD to really do something isn't easy. I mean- read Yelp about the Hayward PD. IF you have a complaint? You get want to kiss their ass? They send you to the Chief.

Speeding is routine here..few young people obey laws. They know HPD is not like Pleasanton that has no  problems like here. You get ticketed. You can talk to HPD officers live on the street- and as tires squeal down the block? They don't care. Its like "Whats your problem? This is Hayward".

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Radnich must have got on his knees to apologize.

I missed the very start of the show. Maybe he said something about his horrible comment the day before about the KGO radio announcers mother.  I doubt Nieto let it go without something off the air done.
Radnich must have begged forgiveness.
Why wont 415 Media publish my post about it?..later on that.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gary Radnich losing his mind.

I think because to Radnich Mark Neito's surnames sounds Latin he didn't care if he called the reporters mother a whore.
Believe me- it wasn't said "friendly" Whats left for hostility? bigotry. I hope Mark Nieto makes Radnich suffer some punishment- after the Cathy Heenan fiasco of a half year ago- he must get more then a write up by Cumulus.

Gary Radnich calls KGO's Mark Nieto's mother a whore.

You heard right. Larry Krueger laughed. No comment by Radnich about Kreuger's mother.

Gary Radnich,expert at nothing,dummy at everything!

Worked for Trump.

Radnich tells new guy off....makes lewd fun of his mother.

 First Radnich had to prove he couldn't car less Joe Hughes lost his job. "Whats this guys name Joe Nieto?"  Mark Nieto now doing Joe's job for whatever reason said nothing. Then,Radnich as an introduction said "Mark,I saw your mother with eight sailors". Nieto like some hostage could say nothing back. Did his to the commercial break.

Radnich got lots of heat from email and texts ..he did a Trump and called them turkeys for not thinking that was funny.

Remember when Radnich tried to sell his Tweet page as "Family and spiritual" You see why I THEN laughed at the hypocrite?

btw- The next update hour later? No Mark Nieto. He's steaming angry.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CNN and MSNBC have TOO MUCH "the other side"..

One reason liberals will never get great power- its that need to be fair. To give the other side equal times on liberal least on TV.  Yet,FOX news does not return the favor. For one thing they avoid talking period about anything Republicans do that is crooked. So,no debates to have. CNN on the other hand will do the hot story's all day long..and 50% of the talk shows have Republicans obfuscating and deflecting even the most gross injustice by Trump. To me so much to dive into..why do we get some schlock right winger just time killing? They never admit to being its a waste of time to have them. You might say they are all Kellyanne Conways,Liars to no end.

That gets back to my premise why liberals - strong strident take no prisoner liberals- are not on TV ..but Duck Dynasty types are for the right. If not the look- same racist bigoted attitudes.  This country is going downhill fast as Trump and the rich can slicken the slide...

Repubs with free health care- its fine for the poor to pay more.

The most ignorant Americans elected the most crooked and ignorant man to be president. When Trump's care falls? Proves to be a failure? He will blame OBAMA.
Its what he does.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Hey!..all the color white on my keyboards letter "A" is gone.

Not a bit of it left. "S's" right half is worn away and a half diagonal "M" is also gone. All the other letters look good. Not one much better then the rest surprisingly. "B" is just as sharp as "X"..I would have thought otherwise if it wasn't staring right at me as proof.
Things I notice...

PS 2 days later- This got more views then average. I had to think why. Ah,people must have thought it was something racial?...

TMZ slants coverage for Harvey Levins fave people. Even drunk driving.

Remember how he did everything to say Bruce Jenner did nothing wrong when he killed a woman?
He pulled that same stunt about another gay republican, Jackie the workout lady of Bravo. Even with film of her barely able to stand up as police guns were drawn when she hit cars and was chased by LA.P.D. and even AFTER saying she blew 8.0 on the drunk scale- and THAT'S being drunk,Levin in a serious dead pan said her excuse that it was Ambien and "a martini in the morning" "That's all".He then had a "Typical American viewer" at home go on about how "You can't blame her,she clearly wasn't at fault( getting into Trump like apologist here) she never intended to break the law ( as if that matters!) and we should not hold this against her. Btw,"typical american viewer" acting was near professional. Rigged.
The black co host nearly laughed in Harvey's face when he backed up all that baloney with "Once she took Ambien you cant hold her responsible"...LOL.  What a lousy lawyer he is.
 Don't blame me judge- it was the booze and feel good pills fault!

Joe Hughes deletes his years of Tweets and account.

How I think it went down? When Hughes learned that Radnich and Krueger knew Joe was being let go- but never as much as said a nice goodbye-and kept that secret from Hughes? That was the end of Joe even wanting anything to do with KNBR let alone a last "Thank you".
Radnich and Kreuger both are look out for no.1 guys who have nobody's back but their own. Proved it once again.
Just a matter of time before they dump on the other. If that's needed? will be done. Loyalty is a joke to them.

Mark Nieto doing Joe Hughes old job. Radnich laughs about it.

Nieto doing most of what Joe did shows KNBR lied about letting Joe Hughes go. Nieto I'm sure is not doing volunteer work- so Cumulus is paying him. Where's the money saved? Mark's job is Joe's in a newer packaging.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump defenders? All sound as nutty as the man.

Look on the internet- listen to FOX spin away.  All they have is nothing to show for Trump,no facts to defend him. Trump says crazy things? Well, Rush and Mike and FOX all say.."You would have to be crazy yourself to not believe him!"
Rupert Murdoch didn't care if Trumped insulted Australia..he sure as hell doesn't care about the USA..or the world. He's in on the gang in the WH..

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tweets ripping Trump? Getting old!

I noticed I would get like 5-10 hey! good one! When Trump's fall started. He's created so much chaos- the leading term for it- that now I come up with some really clever ship,and maybe one or two thumbs ups is all I get in return
People are just waiting now for something REALLY big to read tweets like before.

 I never thought it was possible to actually have a President lose his marbles in front of a way somebody that unstable get even close to the White House. Dr. Strangelove, The Manchurian Candidate,The Presidents Therapist. Old movies about crazy Presidents because we all know in these days that's pure fantasy,couldn't movie about an unbalanced PUSA has been made in years, right?

There he is..See's Muslims cheering at 9/11..millions of Mexicans...buses of voters from New Hampshire. Obama is now listening in on him- how sick that Obama!

I hope the end of the world isn't the end of the story.

PS..I did the usual Trump thing on Twitter yesterday..nothing got a response. Trump has created a Universe of hate the guy can get lost in them.

How many more sick fantasys does Trump get before he's removed from office? In a straitjacket.

Really,how much paranoia and delusional thought does he have for all to see and hear before they remove from him the ability to start a nuclear war?
He's talking near gibberish. Nonsense. His twitter flame wars are like High School. He's president. He wont read intelligence of the USA government- but he does watch "Fox and Friends" for his facts.

I hit 200,000 views. Thanks for my Fantastic success.

Well,its not like a youtube kitten post with millions...but I take it.
My no bias,no follow anybody,non financial rewards for doing this...just fun. Truth is fun. Public truth. What you do in yer privacy I don't care. BUT..Go public,gloves are off.
Its a challenge to cut to the heart  of things. I'm not much into long,long diatribes. Short,but powerful if needed is my way.
There is a real shortage of liberal views in the bay area. The desire of some to reach out to the middle doesn't interest me. We are far too middle as it is.
We need an angry "hang em high,all the bankers" kind of lib. That's me.

Although,at this rate I should have a powerful liberal army to lead by my 97th birthday. I cant wait.

Oh,oh,Melania,I'm coming to see you honey! Will Trump next fake a heart attack?

Sure,Melania is alive.That wouldn't stop Trump from stealing Fred Sanford's act to get the pressure off himself. Going for the sympathy.

FOX anchor yelled at for asking tough question by his own producer...

I'm watching FOX at 10:15 today..An anchor I haven't caught the name of asks some Texas congressman politician about Trumps tweets. "Well,I don't know what he knows" says the Repub. The anchor came back with "You AND his staff don't seem to know"... then you hear a LOUD buzz in his earpiece,so loud the guy pulls it out a bit. He then changed the subject off of the Tweets!..just like that.
So far that's been the total of FOX reports on the Tweets. Man,they pass a chance to bash Obama?..

Friday, March 3, 2017

Van Jones..wolf conservative in liberal clothing.

I dont think much of this guy. For one as a "liberal" he ripped the Berkeley protesters right? Well,nobody is blaming them now that Milo turns out to have pedo views.
THEN, he fawned into neat tears with something that sounded wrote out for him after Trumps phony baloney love speech.
I smell a rat in Van Jones. I detect the odor of Dennis Miller.."I can make a bigger buck converting to the right". Yes,Jones is married to Jimmy Carters daughter I think she is. I think its best if Van Jones is left off programs if those shows are looking for a liberal. Jones can go farm some peanuts for all I care what he thinks.

Marty Lurie tells story of Radnich afraid of the Giant clubhouse...

Why would Radnich be afraid to enter the Giants's clubhouse/locker room? Because all the local players cant stand the guy. They watch enough of him to see he's jealous of them,and of course will tear into any of them for a rating point. THEN,you have in the Giants case- Larry Krueger who the Latin players have heard about being brain dead for 15 years now from him.
Do you see them just wander around players? Never.   They need to be escorted,or it has to be something set up. Neither can chance a real conversation with a Giant. Or any local clubhouse in any sport. With Radnich,he's fine with that ..less he has to do. Its those times like Lurie says he does? He's a little fraidy cat. Meow.    As described by a local 6 year old...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Like a dream come true- the fall of the Donald.

You knew when he won the election something was wrong. First time I ever felt that. The fact he wont sit down and talk about theses Russian ties is telling. Well,I know already - Our President is a traitor who took favors and money from Russia.
He should have stayed on TV where he could imagine himself smarter then everybody in the world.
He's not only not that..he's sinister. A traitor.

Sessions KNEW he would be asked that question...he came to lie.

THAT was a question he knew in writing- as all are- before he testified. So,that proves he came to lie,to be involved in traitor-ism.

Those shiny big black SUV's of the Gov? doubt detailed by Mexicans..

If anybody investigated.

CNN, CSNBC Blond beauty team taking Trump down..

lol,Its all day of blond beauty after blond beauty hosts chipping away at Trump,sometimes a gash. Later? The old white guys and black up and comers...but the day is all blond..well,pretty much. Pretty being the main word.
But,down goes Trump!

TRAITOR TRUMP and our corrupt Presidency.

Now we know- the Russians have been pulling the strings of puppet Donald Trump ALL ALONG. A scandal that is our greatest in history is unfolding and those Trump supporters better wake up before the virus of Trump digs deeper.
btw- My wondering what Trump has been doing?..right on target.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gary Radnich car breaks down AGAIN.

Once again his junk used Bently isn't running and he's driving a loaner. Might be a Ford Maverick.

But,--what did I tell you about his car being worst rated in the WORLD for reliability?

They saw him coming and laugh every time he sends a payment in.

Why aren't the Berkeley Republican club re inviting Milo? What changed?

Remember when I said the left was in the right to protest his speaking? Stan,right again!

Krueger sounding 2005 again..

He's all pumped over the Trump thing..he's going back to bragging he was born to money,he hates this and hates that..Its his old version. Bringing Sid Rosenberg on to the show couldn't be bigger proof of his racist core.
Cumulus should dump 9-5. How many times can they embarrass the bay area?

Team Trump changing I predicted.

Look,they see one way didnt work..they go another direction. Same goal. That wont change ever. If anything,to reach those goals they will be less offensive in words..while the same deeds go on.
I don't know who bought into Trump after that speech. I'm too old to think flowery words from a guy who takes a weedwacker to everything he see's means he's a better man then we thought. The best dictators are great at propaganda.

Trump's performance..

The only Presidential speech that ever stuck with me started with "Fourscore and.."  I mean with Trump,it only mattered if he sounded koo-koo or not. So,he read what semi normal people wrote for him and sounded semi normal.
Today,he will be back to he is. A wanna be dictator.