Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry dies.

His music was revered..but I never seemed to like the guy himself. Something a little skeezy about him. You read about the underage girls,the drugs,and not much about Chuck Berry donating to charity's and the like. You did read he wanted money for everything he did and upfront.
Still,the 50's must have been good for Rock stars. Little Richard,Fats Domino,Jerry Lee Lewis...all outliving 80's rock stars.
The 80's were like..a vacuum. Could be me..but the 70's had more and so did the first half of the 90's.80's were vapid. Like the cheap vids made.

Chuck Berry gave it a good run..I mean,he could sing Johnny B. Good everyday and walk to the bank for the last 60 years and plus.