Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CNN and MSNBC have TOO MUCH "the other side"..

One reason liberals will never get great power- its that need to be fair. To give the other side equal times on liberal programs..at least on TV.  Yet,FOX news does not return the favor. For one thing they avoid talking period about anything Republicans do that is crooked. So,no debates to have. CNN on the other hand will do the hot story's all day long..and 50% of the talk shows have Republicans obfuscating and deflecting even the most gross injustice by Trump. To me so much to dive into..why do we get some schlock right winger just time killing? They never admit to being wrong..so its a waste of time to have them. You might say they are all Kellyanne Conways,Liars to no end.

That gets back to my premise why liberals - strong strident take no prisoner liberals- are not on TV ..but Duck Dynasty types are for the right. If not the look- same racist bigoted attitudes.  This country is going downhill fast as Trump and the rich can slicken the slide...