Friday, March 24, 2017

Gary Radnich and Pam Moore on the outs? Part 2.

Ok,I made the effort to watch every KRON news sports segment. She has not said anything in 2 of yesterdays 3 news cast to Radnich. Not one word. At 10:50,she did say thank you.  There also was no effort by Radnich to do anything that would need her to speak.  Between that and now having somebody block a direct view of her on the set by moving Radnich to the far left,says Radnich days are numbered I think.
When his biggest enabler tired of it,that shows that Radnich that will tread on his closest friend if he decides that's what he wants to do,is now in return getting Karma running over him --well over the speed limit. A segment for Stanley Roberts.

btw...What created this sounds like it goes back to his pretending she wanted to give him oral sex? "Pam wanted to watch my pants go down" what I heard last Friday. Oh boy.