Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hayward the blue collar city. Blue collar with oil stains on it..

Not just motor oil...some cooking too from all the deep fried foods. I have to wonder how I ended up stuck here. I see big progress in every city around Hayward. Just not for Hayward. We have a downtown that's designed to wizz you past it. A shotgun house design for the streets. I don't get that.

We also have a large part that in the 50's had a tropical look. Palma Cea. Its why you see Miami Street,Gainsville,etc, and back then EVERY home had a tall graceful fan palm planted in front. So,after 6 decades that must make an awesome display right?...except Hayward didn't want to pay to clean up after those palms...so cut almost all down 20 years ago. What could have been a sight that made us different? We now have just another run down tract area. No personality like before. Would have fit in with Global Warming.

Oh,we got the climate..best in the bay area. Best water. Never hot,never (usually not) too cold. But we get lots of 80's  in summer. Leave the fog of downtown Oakland or SF..and 35 minutes later here its warm,in summer.  We also never get the heavy yearly rains of the northbay. Perfecto!.....except,its in Hayward.

A University,and a College in one small city. Yet,nobody knows of any college culture here. Not a Berkeley. Like we shoot fish in a barrel- and miss!..Forever.

Yeah we do win city with most performance exhaust pipes. On cars,motorcycles and plenty of trucks. I had a guy work on my house..it only took a few days to notice "You have a lot of people into loud cars huh?" Just my luck.

Well,I try to enjoy my tropical plants here. My banana's,even Mangoes. Its the least Hayward could do for me. I never got the boost here Jack Del Rio or the Rock got. Not even a Kristi Yamaguchi. I can't skate.