Friday, March 10, 2017

I have Duck Dynasty neighbors...

Who's speeding grandson hangs out with dopers?- you got it ,the flagpole flying Hillbilly Duck Dynasty guy down the block. I've had troubles with speeders. To find out that the half breed grandson about 20 hangs with Marco the brown drug dealer figures. Half breed is in the Army I hear. What does it matter? He's still a trouble making punk with an attitude. Now he and Duck Dynasty uncle- with beard and twang- think they can get pushy.
I push back.
Getting Hayward PD to really do something isn't easy. I mean- read Yelp about the Hayward PD. IF you have a complaint? You get want to kiss their ass? They send you to the Chief.

Speeding is routine here..few young people obey laws. They know HPD is not like Pleasanton that has no  problems like here. You get ticketed. You can talk to HPD officers live on the street- and as tires squeal down the block? They don't care. Its like "Whats your problem? This is Hayward".