Saturday, March 4, 2017

I hit 200,000 views. Thanks for my Fantastic success.

Well,its not like a youtube kitten post with millions...but I take it.
My no bias,no follow anybody,non financial rewards for doing this...just fun. Truth is fun. Public truth. What you do in yer privacy I don't care. BUT..Go public,gloves are off.
Its a challenge to cut to the heart  of things. I'm not much into long,long diatribes. Short,but powerful if needed is my way.
There is a real shortage of liberal views in the bay area. The desire of some to reach out to the middle doesn't interest me. We are far too middle as it is.
We need an angry "hang em high,all the bankers" kind of lib. That's me.

Although,at this rate I should have a powerful liberal army to lead by my 97th birthday. I cant wait.