Thursday, March 23, 2017

KTVU really hurt by FOX news affiliation.

Its not your mother's Dennis and Elaine news anymore. Its the lies and slant of a right wing world wide ring owned by Rupert Murdoch who as you remember hacked into a dead teenagers Iphone to get a sensational story in a British Murdoch owned Newspaper.  Rupert Murdoch poisons everything he touches. Lucky for us he touched Trump huh?
KTVU's national story's are hard to take. By comparison cheapo KRON uses reliable CNN. One reason why KRON gets more views from me then ch2.  It never used to be like that. Of course KRON's newsroom wont put those CNN story's until half the news is over. Boy is Aaron Pero conflicted or what? I know he wishes he could use Breitbart if could get away with it.
KTVU has a strong font. But the supports are getting to be like Hollywood sets when you look behind.
How I see it.