Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lets review the Radnich near push right off the set..

He started about 3 or 4 years ago getting touchy feely with the anchor woman of KRON when he as you might remember, sat at the desk to the left of Pamela Moore for near 30 years. The problem was...the fill in female anchors didn't seem to like it. After months of that new behavior by the aging Sports Director KRON created the dais for him to stand behind. He couldn't get his hands on woman.
Well,he's been doing his new entertainment show long on nothing to do with sports,but a lot of "Pam ,look at me!".
Now,I missed last Thursday at 10 pm show..he must have really pissed off the NEXSTAR management a lot faster then KRON's old ownership, as they put him like 3 steps from the building's alley to do sports...and Steve Aveson is now between Radnich and Moore..who said Monday she wants it that way.
Moore can get things her way sometimes and she's not asking for things to go back.
You also cant help but wonder if NEXSTAR isn't hinting to Radnich that he's not long for their future?