Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Radnich did get one thing right. We and him agree...

When he said killing animals for sports just doesn't seem right as he showed a Shark -Tiburon- being hauled in by 49ers on a fishing trip...I saw the only thing he's ever said..well,ok,not ever,but its been awhile,that I thought sounded like a wise older man.
As he told it, his young staff..none must have gone to college ,wanted him to show that as if it was something worth the time.
Any educated person would tell you that the population of sharks world wide has plummeted. They are slow to reproduce..some have baby sharks without egg shells. Like a human.  Their being fished out by ..well you name it. Asian country's,Russia..African.
Its the 21st century..killing 300 pound animals for thrills shouldn't be good news.