Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Radnich tells new guy off....makes lewd fun of his mother.

 First Radnich had to prove he couldn't car less Joe Hughes lost his job. "Whats this guys name Joe Nieto?"  Mark Nieto now doing Joe's job for whatever reason said nothing. Then,Radnich as an introduction said "Mark,I saw your mother with eight sailors". Nieto like some hostage could say nothing back. Did his to the commercial break.

Radnich got lots of heat from email and texts ..he did a Trump and called them turkeys for not thinking that was funny.

Remember when Radnich tried to sell his Tweet page as "Family and spiritual" You see why I THEN laughed at the hypocrite?

btw- The next update hour later? No Mark Nieto. He's steaming angry.