Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The stupid think they rule.

I've had that punk on the cycle get his courage back..never fails. When the police are around they never want to give THEIR side of why its ok to rev and speed. I stay. I talk to Hayward PD. They-Punks- dont. Hell,- they dont stick around, EVER. Nooooooo. All that boasting bullshit they give me? Gone.
I though tell them exactly what I think of them. If they don't like that..then best they should have left me alone. As a matter of fact I tell them everything I know they don't want to hear. 5'4" and have a mean Bike that you think makes you a badass? I tell you what a runt pretender you are. Or,how I never see you with a woman.

Yes,I know my ground. I STANd it.