Monday, March 6, 2017

TMZ slants coverage for Harvey Levins fave people. Even drunk driving.

Remember how he did everything to say Bruce Jenner did nothing wrong when he killed a woman?
He pulled that same stunt about another gay republican, Jackie the workout lady of Bravo. Even with film of her barely able to stand up as police guns were drawn when she hit cars and was chased by LA.P.D. and even AFTER saying she blew 8.0 on the drunk scale- and THAT'S being drunk,Levin in a serious dead pan said her excuse that it was Ambien and "a martini in the morning" "That's all".He then had a "Typical American viewer" at home go on about how "You can't blame her,she clearly wasn't at fault( getting into Trump like apologist here) she never intended to break the law ( as if that matters!) and we should not hold this against her. Btw,"typical american viewer" acting was near professional. Rigged.
The black co host nearly laughed in Harvey's face when he backed up all that baloney with "Once she took Ambien you cant hold her responsible"...LOL.  What a lousy lawyer he is.
 Don't blame me judge- it was the booze and feel good pills fault!