Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump still has 30% of America right behind him.

I know that if you supported Trump and still do? There is nothing he can do that's wrong in your eye's. I wouldn't waste one iota of breath trying to make a Trump person see the light. Trump could do all manner of awful things and his people would excuse it,blame the other side "She's a tramp!" and always fall back on "He would have saved this country, if those etc,etc,hadn't gotten in his way"
Traitor,wont pay taxes,nepotism,sleeps with his own daughter..all forgivable.

But if Trump EVER said "I Donald J. Trump am gay and my partner is an Asian man who likes to wear Dolce and Gabanna"?..those supporters would drop him in an instant. Reviled. His face would be on the paper bulls eyes.
30% of America is not