Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alec Baldwin is too kind to Trump. SNL gets it wrong.

Baldwin's bumbling easy going fool character isn't how I would do it.  I would make sure he's a steely eyed greed monger who will bite your hand off if he see's a dollar bill in it. I for sure see Trump as vindictive and very happy at others sorrow..lots of black humor there SNL..wake up. Stop the cartoon Trump that almost does the opposite of what he is .

Make America great again. When the CIA and FBI could take out a PUSA!

Ah,those great days..defectors,plots and take out rogue Presidents. Whew! Turn back the clock!

Trump hates immigrants..but does nothing to punish those who hire them.Does that make any sense?

They come here for jobs that contractors,farms,small business dangle in front of them. They aren't coming here from beautiful tropical climes to see what frost or snow looks like.
Trump has said nothing about big penalty's for those who hire illegals.
Because he hires them too. Admitted it.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hardest working man! Attention!!! Donald Trump needs your money to fuel his familys lifestyle.

Work like a sumbich dawn to midnight on the farm,and Don will come looking for you to take your money. You think his comes from air? Working behind a plowhorse?
Millions of sumbiches just don't get it. At all.

Trump boasts of "executive actions" ? Last year he said Obama was weak to sign those.

Those Kingly things Trump likes the Executive Actions? Did you know last year he ripped Obama for signing those as a sign of a weak President who cant work with Congress. Huh. More Trump hypocrisy. He just bragged as his 100 day accomplishments of signing 56 Executive Actions- more than any President in history.
Because he cant work with Congress. At all.

Trump so jealous of Obama,it eats at him.

The love Obama got was real,Trump like a local sportcaster has to TELL you people love him because you sure never met any-lol.
Trump wishes he could be Obama,get things done. BE ADMIRED.  Instead of what he does- blames everybody for his problems but himself. What did that nut just say? "I could get more done if I had more power".. oh man, Trump with more power means he can ruin us all faster. Maybe kill us all.
So,when you hear that hate Trump has when he talks about Obama's accomplishments...its jealousy. As I like to quote him for saying "Uneducated people are my biggest fans"..more or less. Trump can't do a thing for the educated who admire Obama. THAT just eats Trump up alive, makes him crazy.

Friday, April 28, 2017

On Trump being honest "Its hard being President".

SOme may think that's soooo wonderful of him. Self deprecating. Me? It adds to the scary idea he's got the thumb hovering over WW3. Sure,he's being honest. Honest that he's stupid and overwhelmed.
I would like to see real honesty..admit you are a traitor and then resign as a total fuck up as a politician.
That's honest.

If Jesus rose..where is he? If it was his spirit? What unsusual about that? Human spirits go to heaven too.

So as I wonder..what was special even about his body disappearing? You live a great life-saintly- get eaten by a lion- bada boom, same thing. Not in denial,just a question

More IMO on Britteny..

Anybody who avoids Radnich is ok with me. But!, Mr.Stan has to say- NO! to blouse and skirt with all white tennis shoes. Gives her Bugs Bunny feet. I do have an idea that could work with KRON's loose clothing standards for Anchors.. Britt could wear jogging outfits. Or Yoga pants. Mr. Stan would approve that in an instant!..and the tennis shoes would fit.
Yoga pants would melt the studio monitors..but you put Britt in Bruce Lee's orange athletic suit and you got one great look..sub Yoga pants,but great.

added: What she would dress like on Telemundo is a dream to dream..ha.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Brittney Ship sails on Tennis Shoes..

KRON is pretty loose on the job clothing. Sometimes the KRON weather Goddess has her tennis shoes match her dress- like grey Nikes with her grey dress. But,mostly she has plain white Nike's.  White shoes..make feet look big. Could be the camera,etc,etc. All,I'm going to say about that...

I miss prejudice. And Stingray bikes..

Everything nowadays is racist this or that. Maybe bigotry is used. But,what I grew up on and was taught was bad?.."prejudice". Nobody uses that word that used to be the ONLY word. I miss it. I want it to make a comeback. It gives me warm fuzzies.

 Don't be prejudiced. Plant flowers too.

Trump has brilliant tax plan. To make billionaires into trillionaires.

Our traitor,unbalanced President is now in focus. He become President to make money for himself. Not a single thing he's even proposed affects his living. Nothing at all. Its all Donald Trump and as he himself says "Uneducated white people are my base".
And billionaires.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Republican lemmings..

Its embarrassing to see so many Republican senators and congressman talk about Trump as if they don't notice he's a crazed out of touch billionaire who has no qualms about destroying America because he can jump on his jet airplane and live well someplace as the country suffers.
Trump can roll dice over war and the economy because he wont ever be made to suffer consequences. He's playing with house money. The American house.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donald Trump told you it was rigged. He told you WIki leaks was used by Russians. And you SOB still voted for him.

As we stand on the brink of a war with huge casualty's in North Korea, the man who in 90 days in office says he's had enough dickering with Koreans,.. is ready to bomb.

His ignorance is astounding. I'm not the only one to notice he quotes nobody,he makes no historical references..his vocabulary is "That's very,very,beautiful" for anything that makes him smile.

Will he tomorrow tell those 100 Senators "WW3 has begun"?..Maybe.

Trump takes on Canada..but not Turkey or China.

Our pocket filling president is brave to take on countries that he has no or very little money invested in. If Mexico had a Trump Tower..he's in love with Mexico.
Worst President in the history of the free World.

Monday, April 24, 2017

What a weird dream...

Maybe a coincidence..but I was watching a science program about subatomic particles..quantum particles that can be anyplace and everywhere- at the SAME time. They can also go backwards and forwards in time,in and out of existence. Science facts,not fiction.
So,I'm having this weird dream..I'm talking to people I don't know,but at the same time its as if I know them like family at the same time...and for some reason I'm wrapping a lampshade in videotape like its a sock..and the video plays.. Nothing out of the ordinary.  I also see a car of the 70's..Orange, parked in my driveway. I blink and its parked in the driveway across the street. Again,no big deal.
I go into my house and there's an old man with a big dog..both friendly and its like I'm a convalescent home in the daytime. He's reading the paper at my kitchen table. I shrug. Happens to you all the time right?...
For some reason,I'm wearing a bath robe. I can look down and see hairy legs and dark socks. I've never in my life had a bath robe..and dark socks? Almost never unless you die and I'm at your funeral.
It basically ended with me knowing I'm being filmed for a reality TV show - I NEVER watch those- and wonder why my neighbors never noticed all the commotion of tv people?   There was some weirder things that made no sense at all..but were taken for granted by me as "the usual". Like knocking on the side on my own house because I can hear something living underneath the crawlspace. That,I think is my horror movie add-on.

So,what does this have to do with science? Well,as one physicist said "All the weird quantum world disappears as you go into the macro scale and we cannot jump into and out of existence or exist in all places all the time. Yet, THOSE particles that do? are in our body's,doing that all the time".
As soon as I woke up I thought of that. Nonsensical is normal somewhere all the time on a macro scale. In dreams.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Couldn't we have had ONE more 80f day? Too much to ask?

Why hath he forsaken the bay area of real warm? Who offended the Gods? Straight to a rain pattern again. Pushing May.
I'm trying to soldier on like its a real spring. Turn the car heater up,like that. I check the plants at the nurserys out. They think its spring being they go on longer days..and of course some are coming from greenhouses that are always warm.
So anyways- the hills are alive with the sound of hip hop music ( all I ever hear on others car radios) and verdant green.
Just needs to be warmer.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Stan explains Bill O Reilly and Men and Woman.

Why do conservative white men- who have the power in this country- and maybe men in general treat, woman as second class?  Because men are raised to see femininity as meaning submissive.  That's it..that's the full explanation and I know it.  When men see older woman worried about lipstick color?
Do you think they say to themselves "THAT'S who I want to follow into battle!" ? Nah.

What's the real and final cure for that? I don't know. Woman like that you hold doors open for them. Chivalry. Men think,"Thanks for not slamming the door in my face dude"..different thinking.

I know what I wrote as truth.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stan predicts: CIA has plan to take out Trump should he go rogue and nuclear.

Following orders of the Commander in Chief?....And allowing a nut to destroy America is another matter.
There isn't a single person in the CIA,FBI,NSA,SS with a real mind who's comfortable right now with  President Delusional.
I'm telling you..he's not stable,he imagines huge wars he can win,and all the confetti of that fantasy win as he waves to the "largest crowd of presidential love ever" as he would tell it bathing him.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Obscure 90's rock song I always thought "THAT'S the rock and roll life".

Why? Well,I always like the vids that have young college age beauty's in silhouette like a James Bond Movie. Oasis did that too with Supernova.
There is something about the slow motion of their long hair flowing and the long legs running. What girls are supposed to look like. Even the rock band was my idea of ideal of what I wished I looked like..all the guys are dressed in Armani suits themselves looking in perfect match to the perfect woman.
I liked the song too.
I went 21 years not remembering who the band was or the name of the song. Thought about it every now and then.
A couple of weeks ago I was watching MTV classics..there they were.' Failure' and the song "Stuck on You". I would not have remembered any of that in a million years. From 1996. It wasn't a major soundtrack of my life..just different.

Radnich on vacation ,KRON newscast much more calm.

I Knew when Mark Carpenter finished his sports..with no jokes,and Steve Aveson tried way too hard to say something clever when a "thanks Mark" was all that was needed? That's Post Radnich Traumatic Stress syndrome had taken over Steve. It was like a beaten animal flinching at the sound of the mean voice. Awkward aplenty.
Mark does a good job. Way better then the other guys...

Dan Ashely's hair part on the move again..

After a years rest..he's gotten antsy. I notice he's got the 3/4 part- rather then the side part. I myself don't think he's got the right hairline for the 3/4..its why one side goes too high. He doesn't have perfectly flat hair for the Gatsby look. Also- like I said his hairline isn't what it takes. You need a Crispin Glover,maybe Sean Hannity hairline.
I notice too,when Dan skips the hair dye..boy,his hair goes not silver- but white. Chicks dig that more then silver.

Musica amor for all the Anchor woman...

To all the ones who...

A kick in the pants wake you up song. Crank it up!.

I feel tired. I need this for another obscure Wednesday. Trump can't stop this goodness...

You know,growing up we always had maraca's and bongo drums. I tried- but they were too loud. Bothered me-lol.

Goddamn fucking son of a bitch Trump wants to kill us all.

Korea, Iran. He's lining them all up for the Armageddon he will order when he feels the heat of impeachment. Look at the guy..he's not in reality. He's missing huge screws that cant be found.
We need the CIA to remove Trump by any means necessary . True Patriots who can foresee what the psychopath in the White House is leading us all into.
Can we afford to wait three more years? Can the world?

Driving through an empty mall parking lot. King of the World.

That's what it feels make the rules,cut across stripes if you feel like it. Last man on Earth. Freedom!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trumps last two speeches ..sort of died. Not much applause.

That was near crickets today. Even Trump couldn't get all fired up at the silence. He read a prompter. He sounded like "The great leader" as he boasted he "Had done more then Obama had in 8 years". A pure lie not even remotely true. But he is our pathological liar President. Even Republicans shrug and say "He lies" nowadays.
I didn't think he could ever go so bad at a everything so soon. He bored and unimpressed even himself now,today at the speech.

Cats hate rock and roll. Whats happens when it comes on...

They will walk out on you like a bad blind date.

SNL..anybody there paying attention? 2 skits are the same..

Since Trump,I have been watching the show I gave up had just bored me. Simple as that. Now watching again via recording to FF commercials and rock acts that dont rock me. I see this last week they had not one but TWO skits of people doing amateurish was about a High School and kids doing bad singing and dancing,the other was Jimmy Fallon playing some birthday party like act with bad singing and dancing.
Other then the Trump sketches..I might skip the rest of the shows from now on.

What if you sped at the speed of light 2...

I was reading another version of what happens as you approach the speed of light. It was referencing the idea of new ways to accelerate spacecraft- mostly satellites to other stars with lasers or collectors of hydrogen,different ways to get into speed of light effects.
This one says that if we did have the right system- the Universe like Einstein, says "no" Apparently empty space starts to become denser the faster an object moves at near light speed. Somethings with no mass at all like light photons start to create a kind of friction or at least the same feeling of friction with outside temperate of what seemed like empty minus 400 degree cold when you started,now rising to maybe millions of degrees. You and the ship would evaporate.

Something about that theory sounds so right to me. The laws of the Universe are like fate..futile to change no matter what angle you take.

In praise of cheap cookies.

Despite being from a largish family and raised on...well, generic brands of everything for sweets? I've been buying those cheap cream filled cookies with the same pattern they had in 1964..same size too. No going down in size or getting fancy with "double stuffing". Nope, just sugar and pastry and a slight chocolate flavor. You know what? I still like them. I like to open the package as soon as I get home and let them get just a tad bit stale- then they soften. I shouldn't really call it stale..I should call it finely aged cookie to perfection. Great to bite into with no crumbs breaking off...or dunking in milk or now in my older age, coffee.
When I even look at the pattern of those cookies? I see the mop top Beatles, our VW squareback,my old lunchbox. I see a wondering future.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Radnich disconnecting?

His wife didn't show up on Friday..he's also had his spot on KRON shortened to 5 more of the 10-12 minute opus variety show he and Lodes or that other weatherman Van used to do. Plus- he seems to be taking days off more often.
His sponsors (mostly) are gone..either he lost them or Nexstar doesn't like the look of too much of that. Hard to say.
His radio show now is much more all sport-talk  also. He's not doing long stretches- or any stretch- of  whats on BET or his Soul Brother act.
He's like a normal sportscaster.

How do South Koreans feel about being incinerated? I dont know- media ignores them.

So close to a nuclear war zone and a modern society..I haven't seen a single report from Seoul that interviewed people,the population. What does it feel like right now?
You would think cable news would be flooded of storys about what can happen to a city of 20 million.
Nothing so far.

Why are there Drug stores and not Medications stores?

Isn't that strange that there is more stigma in calling them medications then the last 60 years of drug abuse has made in calling them drugs?  Pharmacy's should be Medications store..but they won't do that.
Think about that the next time you see a internet right wing troll go to the "meds" putdowns.

Get ready for another Korean war. How to win..

As more ships steam to the battlefront..its not for exercise. Trump might as well admit why two armada's are zeroing in on North Korea.
I was reading that we have electromagnetic a Nuclear bomb that fries all electronics within the pulse of the explosion..those EMP bombs burn out all the enemy's communications and whats left of the ability to communicate. You better believe those will be used. Cant use you too many of them either. That might give time for us to bomb NK back to the stone age while keeping SK and Japan safe.
I have a feeling the NK dictator is now sleeping in a different home every night. Different city. Since in war he would be the first to target with drones or B-1 bombers. If one person dies in North Korea we want it to be him.
Look,I got a bead on Trump. I predicted what no other pundit or opinion person in the country said would happen- Trump with his criminal mentality would make up evidence Obama tapped him. Sure enough as Stan said- they did just that.
He is not going to negotiate with a 36 year old fat Asian man. Or be told no. Its more war. Remember when I predicted the day he was elected in 2 months we would be dropping bombs? That's 2 for 2.

Another thought. Trump wants to do this before he has to worry NK can reach Washington with missiles. I myself, think he's not especially worried that North Korea takes out Los Angeles,Seattle or lefty center of the Universe,San Francisco. He's thinking about himself.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump will show his taxes the day he shows his Porn collection too.

 Plus,the film of him and 2 hookers peeing on him in Moscow.

Never going to happen voluntarily and Republicans knowing Trump is staggering as their last great white hope are bending over backwards to keep him in office. Hence,the strange lack of desire to force him to show his taxes to the people even as we all know the Russian connection.
The blatant and open dirty politics of the Republicans..what can I say? Even Ryan says they are the party of just say no- to everything.
Yet,people vote for them all the time. The power of bigotry and prejudice is still strong in America.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Old actor and thoughts...

I like to look up info on Classic Movie Channel on cable even if I'm not watching that particular movie. Why? Well,I look through the cast and try to find the oldest person in the oldest movies. Read their life history. I saw one yesterday that stood out as he was born in 1888 and was already older in the 1951 movie. Then,I read where he died in 1964. Imagine that..born when horse and carriage was main transportation. 1888..what was life like for him as he grew into a boy? It was still the 19th century! Yet,there he was alive when the Beatles broke big all over the world. At least 1964 resembles the modern world..TV,Cars,telephones...jet airplanes. But 1888?
Who knows? our paths could have in first grade and meeting a man of the 19th century and he as an old man enjoying his last days of blue skys.
So,that's what I like to do. In the 21st century.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Holocaust centers.

Its laughable and sad at the same time. This is what is now infiltrating our country...ignorance.

Family dynamics. I hate them.

I hate the arguments,the fights,the gossip and the complaining..the jealousy. I can see why many a man decided after an early marriage...said "Why do I need that?".  Single,a home in the near country. Then,no worries about a fight on Christmas or you didn't buy the right egg dye for Easter!
I mean,if you got married young had the kids and all that...Why bother again?

88 days of Trump all day every day...until United Airlines.

That's been the only story to get substantial airtime on cable news since Trump was elected. Amazing.
For 8 years everything was calm..hardly ever watched cable news.  Trump has terrorized the world in less then three months. Just what his base wants.

Media sure calm considering the world could end this week.

What if Trump sets off North Korea on Daddy Dictators birthday? They cant touch they fire on Seoul..20 million people. We then drop Nuclear weapons on NK.  THEN we find out,NK has a way to send their own nuclear bomb to Seattle..or San Francisco. If they miss and hit Hayward it would be a really bad day in my life.
I mean with so much so close to the level of the Cuban Missile crisis..isn't the media waaay too laid back?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why are male cats so much more personable then the females?

I think that might be true with dogs also. I notice that. The male cats are the ones that do funny things- like pounce on you when you lay down. A chubby cat can take some wind out of you when he lands. Female cats just don't do those things. Same thing for talking..male cats like to complain and demand with cat talk. Females only-politely- for food.  Male cats get all ornery when you move them as they settle down on you while you watch TV. But,hey I got use the bathroom..

Military so embarassed by Trumps 59 firecrakers, are now bombing on their own. Worry!

That's what it is. When the generals saw a few pock marks as Trumps response? They acted without him. A slippery slope my friend.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sean loves Hit-ler!,Sean loves Hit-ler!

Trump and company like to invoke Hitler.  Spicer is getting a beating because he has to take it. Trump,never really faced the press directly with he used the H word. Spicey did pass the boss when he called Nazi death camps " Holocaust centers". Talk about corporate speak..

All through the south..tributes to confederate soldiers. Yet,Oakland has no Black Panther statues.

Amazing that traitors to the union are praised in the south- like they did a good thing!  Why are there none to the leftists who wanted change ignored?
Once again,how the "majority" see things in Trumpian eyes is now seen by the rest of us. This country is far more bigoted than I ever thought. Said it before..needs to be said again. The south not only rewrite 1862,but Trump rewrites last week in Syria or with Bannon.
That's how they do things.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another prediction on Trump:

I hit it on the head he would have "evidence" made up about Obama wiretapping didn't I? NO other political writer did that in the country. Just me. No one. Only me.

SO,remember this one..I think Trump will be removed as President because he becomes unstable as the Russian investigation gets to him...pressure mounts. He sounds a little "off" now..I think he's being kept to soft interviews because it wouldn't take much to make him look Bill O'Reilly did unintentionally in the Super Bowl halftime.

This thing where he talks to his daughter about bombing advice?..oh,man. Worry.

Thank God that the Republicans have been exposed as having no answers.

One slight silver lining from not only the election of Trump- hopefully Impeached later this year- is that the Republican party's bluff was called. They have no solutions. The only problem solving in the country for near a century has been ALL Democratic. Social Security- Civil Rights and all the rest..all Demo ideas.
Republicans with all the chance in the world? Came up with a lame half witted health care plan. The same for what they are trying to do with their free market anti regulations for big business philosophy and Trump executive orders..failures before they even start...some will be failures for years at the cost of Americans lives for years.
Look at who is being equal opportunity. Still,the all one flavor has been a disaster. Or,the nepotism. Ivanka is a laughing stock.
2018..then 2020..we get back to real America.

Good commercial songs and bad.

The worst day of my life is hearing that Best Western commercial too often. Kurt Cobain died for that? That song and band is the kind John Belushi would have torn apart in Animal House-lol.

I am digging the "Black Sheep" song for Nissan..aka "I'm a bad woman". I thought for sure it had to be an obscure 60's Black soul woman song. Nope. Looked into it and is a hot blond from New Zealand, Gin Wigmore. The song is "all" the way back from 2011.

Somethings wrong when woman from Ireland- Duffy- and England- Amy Winehouse RIP-,Lords and this other New Zealander belt better then what the USA is putting out. Our white soul singers are past history. Blue eyed female soul is non existent.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A good ghost story= Babadook...

As you all know,I loves my horror and science fiction movies. Good ones with a good story. Not the cheapo SciFi stuff or that torture porn crap. I hate that.
So I'm watching my free 2 days of Netflix and pick this out scrolling part way through 3,000+ titles..NONE arranged into categories.
btw it was supposed to be 7 free days...but for days it never worked! "Unavailable" is what I got over and over. Finally I tried one last time on Saturday. Worked.
"Babadook" has a nice start..builds fast..gets a bit slow,falls into the "kill the family dog" that I also hate that's become common in movies nowadays.
You can read Wiki for details and "what it all means". Me? I wish it had more monster to it. Its kind of like another little horror movie that could, "Sinister". Remember that one?
So..despite the Aussie accents that make some things a bit hard to understand ( the monster talks American -what does THAT mean?) I tell you - check it out.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Golden Age of Tv and Radio Sportscasting is over...

I thought it was me getting older. I hadn't watched Yahoo Sports for weeks. I was also tired of sports radios hosts retreading on what they did day after day. The same intro music 11 years in a row kind of thing too wears you down.
Then,you see the NFL ratings are going down. And yeah,I did stop watching football all day Sunday. Watch the local teams and then skip the "Sunday night" game of nobody's.
Now,I learn that 94.5,that once great hope to be the unKNBR,is now for sale. No coincidence that the Raiders are moving as what good is a station broadcasting a team people hate?? Wheres the money in that?
I think it all adds up to Baby Boomers life's need more time for something other then sports they cant play anymore,even as weekend warriors, and as the clock ticks away..they want to enjoy free time on something else. The bucket list maybe.
I hardly listen to KNBR. Really. I never listen to 94.5 anymore. Most of the great sports columnists of my day are retired.
Yes,sports grip on the baby boomers is loosening and the replacements have other things on their minds,like all the virtual and electronic fun...So the sports malaise gap grows by the month seems to me.
Older guys like me turn to KPFA and the world..non sports world.

"Count your blessings" puts God in a no lose position.

"Things could be worse". Yeah,great.

Radnich down to almost no KRON sponsors.

I'm not sure what happened. Was it Nexstar ? Was it the calling of Mark Nieto's mother a whore that got advertisers to say enough of the clown?
He's down to xfinity.  All the Chevy,Nissan and Black Bear and more dropped him.

I think they all learned what I knew...something wrong with that guy and all out of his mouth is some kind of strange Trumpian "I mean what I say unless I don't". The more people go into Trumps head..the more I hear of Radnich like thinking.

Unbelievable he lasted on air this long.. a black eye really to KRON.

I think a recent op-ed in the New York Times talks about white privilege. Like for example if Obama in his run for presidency had said he liked to just grab woman by their pussy..The country would have exploded in anger and he NEVER would have been elected.

THAT'S what kept Radnich- and a few others- on the air decade after decade.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Didnt I say that within 2 months of being elected..Trump will start a war?

I'm pretty sure I did. More good predicting..more or less. See,its easy. Its popular- at first. Its when they get out of hand...well...that's for another day.

Should we worry PUTIN thinks Trump is a traitor- to him?

Whatever the grip is-- its like iron as we all see Donald Trump traitor, will not invoke Russia or Putin by name in public.
So,IF we attack Syria and kill Russian advisors?...would Putin "leak" things about Trump from a angry Putin? Or  much worse- a strong Russian answer by military based on Trumps weak standing?
These are the worries when the President of the United States was elected by Putin.

First,let me tell you from the bottom of my heart...I never liked you.

Don Rickles always got a big laugh out of me. Even hearing that again today. I laughed harder then I have in weeks.
RIP Don Rickles, a comic genius.

Trump exploiting tragedy to boost his own image.

He never cared for babys in Syria the last time they were gassed by the thousands. What better way to get America off of his treason filled administration,then bombs away? His over emoting about the gas bombing was over the top.
Trump is a con artist..everything is "How does this help me".

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Where's Jerry Kushner and does he speak..outloud?

So far it looks like he communicates telepathically. Not one statement or press conference. No answering reporter questions on how he will save the world?

As the world crumbles? Trump was speaking about electoral votes!

Hilarious take on Lawrence O Donell show was taking Trumps speech yesterday and cut in with "What does the President think of North Korea firing a missile?..-cut- to Trump going on about his "unheard of for a Republican win"..drone.
It was funny and true and scary all in one.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

FOX news..blind to todays news..

Syria,Bill O'Reilly, Russia?..non mention. Something about Donna the primadonna, Rice. Man,she's old news! Hi-larious that with our President is on the edge of being outed as a TRAITOR..FOX news see's nothing.
Bill?..How does he live with himself?  Take his 20 years of money and go away and retire to the Falklands. He was a hero there. He says.

"Trump people will go to jail" says Congressman on investigative committee. Syria poisons children.

What is Trump doing as all this is happening? Making his  pie- in -the -sky promises at some "campaign" stop. His delusional world that he's still running. Yet,he's accomplished nothing. Not one damn thing.
Americans- but not this American- actually elected a crackpot. A man with serious issues is now running the office of President. The world wide suffering has started.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Who's the black woman who looks at Neal Gorsuch like he's Jesus?

She sits behind the guy and just stares at him with devout loving eyes. Never takes her eye's off him. Its like Neal has his own harem with her and two older woman to the left- from my TV angle.

Trump paranoia reaches new heights. Sonny in law in charge of the rest of the world.

That's why he's got the little king tut going around the world. Trump thinks "He's the only one I trust and that I'm smarter than" Right? Anybody else..Trump fears leaks,fears showing his ignorance.
His Presidency of Stupidity lurches on.

Oh- and when you hear those billionaires talk? So much for they are better and smarter then the rest of us.  Laughable.

Sean Spicer see's through EVERYBODY...

"Cute".."Nice back door question".."I see where that will lead"..."Homey don't play that question"...ok,that last he didn't say. But the man who's quick to do the old, you can't fool me? Seems blind he's defending a traitor and an administration that committed treason colluding with the Russians to influence the election.
How come he don't see that?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

STAN Predicts on the Trump family: Corruption charges as long as they live.

You watch,this is a family that will forever have the nation suing them. As the Trumps use every advantage the office of President gives a person..and then go over a line to exploiting every one of those chances.
That means in 2020,2025- 2080..a Trump will be accused of something.

Unless of course Trump ends life on Earth with a vindictive nuclear war with China. You thought WMD's were bogus reasons for starting a war? Wait until Trump makes NK the reason.

The man is malo. Born MALO.

TRUMP family using insider make more money.

One reason Trump wants clearances for his kids- they can access the kind of info that's theirs to know..and stockbrokers to guess.
Nothing Trump has done isn't covered in greed. And,I couldn't be more disgusted with this country to elect this crook as President. All because he said he would kick Mexicans out. Enjoy you're racist President..and crook and traitor all in one.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

If its not about Trump,its a boring newscast.

I was talking to my cousin who's much older than me. We were blabbing away and he says his sister is "Watching all the Trump news all day long,everyday".  Funny,because so am I.  So strange that as I watch, "News Bulletins" breaks..almost regularly about Trumps treason.  I'm glued to the set again.

This is really something Universal. I even heard one of the commenters say "When I used to post something not flattering about Trump,I would get a ton of Trolls attacking me. Now,I check my inbox after something and its very little". The host Don Lemon said something agreeable. Well,I notice too my East Bay Times comments aren't getting much flack these days.  It has to be part of that "Only 30% of America thinks he's doing a good job".  That 30% also thinks pro wrass'lin is real.