Sunday, April 9, 2017

A good ghost story= Babadook...

As you all know,I loves my horror and science fiction movies. Good ones with a good story. Not the cheapo SciFi stuff or that torture porn crap. I hate that.
So I'm watching my free 2 days of Netflix and pick this out scrolling part way through 3,000+ titles..NONE arranged into categories.
btw it was supposed to be 7 free days...but for days it never worked! "Unavailable" is what I got over and over. Finally I tried one last time on Saturday. Worked.
"Babadook" has a nice start..builds fast..gets a bit slow,falls into the "kill the family dog" that I also hate that's become common in movies nowadays.
You can read Wiki for details and "what it all means". Me? I wish it had more monster to it. Its kind of like another little horror movie that could, "Sinister". Remember that one?
So..despite the Aussie accents that make some things a bit hard to understand ( the monster talks American -what does THAT mean?) I tell you - check it out.