Monday, April 17, 2017

Get ready for another Korean war. How to win..

As more ships steam to the battlefront..its not for exercise. Trump might as well admit why two armada's are zeroing in on North Korea.
I was reading that we have electromagnetic a Nuclear bomb that fries all electronics within the pulse of the explosion..those EMP bombs burn out all the enemy's communications and whats left of the ability to communicate. You better believe those will be used. Cant use you too many of them either. That might give time for us to bomb NK back to the stone age while keeping SK and Japan safe.
I have a feeling the NK dictator is now sleeping in a different home every night. Different city. Since in war he would be the first to target with drones or B-1 bombers. If one person dies in North Korea we want it to be him.
Look,I got a bead on Trump. I predicted what no other pundit or opinion person in the country said would happen- Trump with his criminal mentality would make up evidence Obama tapped him. Sure enough as Stan said- they did just that.
He is not going to negotiate with a 36 year old fat Asian man. Or be told no. Its more war. Remember when I predicted the day he was elected in 2 months we would be dropping bombs? That's 2 for 2.

Another thought. Trump wants to do this before he has to worry NK can reach Washington with missiles. I myself, think he's not especially worried that North Korea takes out Los Angeles,Seattle or lefty center of the Universe,San Francisco. He's thinking about himself.