Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good commercial songs and bad.

The worst day of my life is hearing that Best Western commercial too often. Kurt Cobain died for that? That song and band is the kind John Belushi would have torn apart in Animal House-lol.

I am digging the "Black Sheep" song for Nissan..aka "I'm a bad woman". I thought for sure it had to be an obscure 60's Black soul woman song. Nope. Looked into it and is a hot blond from New Zealand, Gin Wigmore. The song is "all" the way back from 2011.

Somethings wrong when woman from Ireland- Duffy- and England- Amy Winehouse RIP-,Lords and this other New Zealander belt better then what the USA is putting out. Our white soul singers are past history. Blue eyed female soul is non existent.