Saturday, April 1, 2017

If its not about Trump,its a boring newscast.

I was talking to my cousin who's much older than me. We were blabbing away and he says his sister is "Watching all the Trump news all day long,everyday".  Funny,because so am I.  So strange that as I watch, "News Bulletins" breaks..almost regularly about Trumps treason.  I'm glued to the set again.

This is really something Universal. I even heard one of the commenters say "When I used to post something not flattering about Trump,I would get a ton of Trolls attacking me. Now,I check my inbox after something and its very little". The host Don Lemon said something agreeable. Well,I notice too my East Bay Times comments aren't getting much flack these days.  It has to be part of that "Only 30% of America thinks he's doing a good job".  That 30% also thinks pro wrass'lin is real.