Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In praise of cheap cookies.

Despite being from a largish family and raised on...well, generic brands of everything for sweets? I've been buying those cheap cream filled cookies with the same pattern they had in 1964..same size too. No going down in size or getting fancy with "double stuffing". Nope, just sugar and pastry and a slight chocolate flavor. You know what? I still like them. I like to open the package as soon as I get home and let them get just a tad bit stale- then they soften. I shouldn't really call it stale..I should call it finely aged cookie to perfection. Great to bite into with no crumbs breaking off...or dunking in milk or now in my older age, coffee.
When I even look at the pattern of those cookies? I see the mop top Beatles, our VW squareback,my old lunchbox. I see a wondering future.