Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Obscure 90's rock song I always thought "THAT'S the rock and roll life".

Why? Well,I always like the vids that have young college age beauty's in silhouette like a James Bond Movie. Oasis did that too with Supernova.
There is something about the slow motion of their long hair flowing and the long legs running. What girls are supposed to look like. Even the rock band was my idea of ideal of what I wished I looked like..all the guys are dressed in Armani suits themselves looking in perfect match to the perfect woman.
I liked the song too.
I went 21 years not remembering who the band was or the name of the song. Thought about it every now and then.
A couple of weeks ago I was watching MTV classics..there they were.' Failure' and the song "Stuck on You". I would not have remembered any of that in a million years. From 1996. It wasn't a major soundtrack of my life..just different.