Saturday, April 15, 2017

Old actor and thoughts...

I like to look up info on Classic Movie Channel on cable even if I'm not watching that particular movie. Why? Well,I look through the cast and try to find the oldest person in the oldest movies. Read their life history. I saw one yesterday that stood out as he was born in 1888 and was already older in the 1951 movie. Then,I read where he died in 1964. Imagine that..born when horse and carriage was main transportation. 1888..what was life like for him as he grew into a boy? It was still the 19th century! Yet,there he was alive when the Beatles broke big all over the world. At least 1964 resembles the modern world..TV,Cars,telephones...jet airplanes. But 1888?
Who knows? our paths could have in first grade and meeting a man of the 19th century and he as an old man enjoying his last days of blue skys.
So,that's what I like to do. In the 21st century.