Friday, April 7, 2017

Radnich down to almost no KRON sponsors.

I'm not sure what happened. Was it Nexstar ? Was it the calling of Mark Nieto's mother a whore that got advertisers to say enough of the clown?
He's down to xfinity.  All the Chevy,Nissan and Black Bear and more dropped him.

I think they all learned what I knew...something wrong with that guy and all out of his mouth is some kind of strange Trumpian "I mean what I say unless I don't". The more people go into Trumps head..the more I hear of Radnich like thinking.

Unbelievable he lasted on air this long.. a black eye really to KRON.

I think a recent op-ed in the New York Times talks about white privilege. Like for example if Obama in his run for presidency had said he liked to just grab woman by their pussy..The country would have exploded in anger and he NEVER would have been elected.

THAT'S what kept Radnich- and a few others- on the air decade after decade.