Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Thank God that the Republicans have been exposed as having no answers.

One slight silver lining from not only the election of Trump- hopefully Impeached later this year- is that the Republican party's bluff was called. They have no solutions. The only problem solving in the country for near a century has been ALL Democratic. Social Security- Civil Rights and all the rest..all Demo ideas.
Republicans with all the chance in the world? Came up with a lame half witted health care plan. The same for what they are trying to do with their free market anti regulations for big business philosophy and Trump executive orders..failures before they even start...some will be failures for years at the cost of Americans lives for years.
Look at who is being hired...no equal opportunity. Still,the all one flavor has been a disaster. Or,the nepotism. Ivanka is a laughing stock.
2018..then 2020..we get back to real America.