Friday, April 7, 2017

The Golden Age of Tv and Radio Sportscasting is over...

I thought it was me getting older. I hadn't watched Yahoo Sports for weeks. I was also tired of sports radios hosts retreading on what they did day after day. The same intro music 11 years in a row kind of thing too wears you down.
Then,you see the NFL ratings are going down. And yeah,I did stop watching football all day Sunday. Watch the local teams and then skip the "Sunday night" game of nobody's.
Now,I learn that 94.5,that once great hope to be the unKNBR,is now for sale. No coincidence that the Raiders are moving as what good is a station broadcasting a team people hate?? Wheres the money in that?
I think it all adds up to Baby Boomers life's need more time for something other then sports they cant play anymore,even as weekend warriors, and as the clock ticks away..they want to enjoy free time on something else. The bucket list maybe.
I hardly listen to KNBR. Really. I never listen to 94.5 anymore. Most of the great sports columnists of my day are retired.
Yes,sports grip on the baby boomers is loosening and the replacements have other things on their minds,like all the virtual and electronic fun...So the sports malaise gap grows by the month seems to me.
Older guys like me turn to KPFA and the world..non sports world.