Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump so jealous of Obama,it eats at him.

The love Obama got was real,Trump like a local sportcaster has to TELL you people love him because you sure never met any-lol.
Trump wishes he could be Obama,get things done. BE ADMIRED.  Instead of what he does- blames everybody for his problems but himself. What did that nut just say? "I could get more done if I had more power".. oh man, Trump with more power means he can ruin us all faster. Maybe kill us all.
So,when you hear that hate Trump has when he talks about Obama's accomplishments...its jealousy. As I like to quote him for saying "Uneducated people are my biggest fans"..more or less. Trump can't do a thing for the educated who admire Obama. THAT just eats Trump up alive, makes him crazy.