Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What if you sped at the speed of light 2...

I was reading another version of what happens as you approach the speed of light. It was referencing the idea of new ways to accelerate spacecraft- mostly satellites to other stars with lasers or collectors of hydrogen,different ways to get into speed of light effects.
This one says that if we did have the right system- the Universe like Einstein, says "no" Apparently empty space starts to become denser the faster an object moves at near light speed. Somethings with no mass at all like light photons start to create a kind of friction or at least the same feeling of friction with outside temperate of what seemed like empty minus 400 degree cold when you started,now rising to maybe millions of degrees. You and the ship would evaporate.

Something about that theory sounds so right to me. The laws of the Universe are like fate..futile to change no matter what angle you take.