Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Donald Trump. America's first crazed and unfit President. REVENGE is his motive now.

I tell you...that Tweet was part of his Dr Feelgood pills knocking him out...the same Doctor who prescribes the uppers that give the 70 year old "Energy". They also cause him to Tweet he knows Obama is listening to him at 3 am.
SO now we got some speed freak President,unfit for office who when he see's the writing on the wall in huge letters? Its all revenge babay. He's going to do every opposite rule and law and anything he can to destroy- uh,deconstruct- our civil rights,our liberty's and of course our economy. ALL of it while making his family even more wealthy.
See..the Trump base WANTS a Trump dictator. They are 1938 Germany. With them,he might end 250 years of Democracy.  Look for the street riots and resistance of the highest order to break out.

Unless our Intelligence people do the right thing. Plan B.

God Bless those Patriot leakers so far.

Britt Shipp in black heels last night.

The power of Stan!!
yep. Shoes.

"Maybe one of those second amendment types could take care of Hillary" said Trump about murdering Clinton.

NOW,he's president and the Secret Service guards that scumball!  Look up how many Senators- all conservatives- made jokes of shooting some opponent.  Real funny..even if they were angry when they said it?

The dead Russians? ALL swirl around Donald Trump.
Donald Trump seems to have dirty people die all around him. I hope the FBI figures that out.

Trump uses 11 year old son to get back at Kathy Griffin. Who does that sound like?

The comparisons between those two guys is unbelievable.
And you know- that boy of Trumps hasn't seen that photo. Trump using his son to make him look good. Who does that sound very much like?,you know it.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

If Kathy Griffin did that in one of those Scary Movies- thats fine..whats the diff?

Right? You know it.

Kathy Griffin used her freedom..of well,hating the President. + Our President knows murderers.

I doubt anybody thinks she's part of any "plan". Holding up a decapitated head..a wax dummy. NO different then burning a flag in effigy. You love Trump? Its bad..very bad. Uncouth. Bad taste.

Hey I was watching the crime channel. And did you hear of a longtime swindler and con artist millionaire who was blown up in his car in Las Vegas? It was famous. Supposed to be a mob hit.
Well,it turned out to be the guys wife and hired bomber.
Get this- BOTH  were friends of Donald Trump and Marla Maples!...The Donald was at the guys wedding! He knew this guy had mob ties,Indian Casino's. You know this is the THIRD different crime show where people who were killers and con artists were friends at one time of Donald Trump.

Guess what? An attorney testified that Donald Trump RAPED his first wife. I just heard that on MSNBC.

Add it all up.

Adolph Hitler pushing son on air to do KKKZ sports!

Oh god,zee sey things about mein son!!! How terr-ible! Mein son vill be zomebody! Heil Rosenberg!

Yeah Adolph,its not you or your fault.

Radnich will get back at critics..even if he has to use his own son's head to bash their doors down. The kind of man he is.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Never so proud of our spys....leaking to save America.

That's what it is. The Experts in intelligence are playing a chess game with Trump. He has the power to stop normal investigations,has no qualms about how it looks. So,the FBI and 16 other agencies are feeding the media in ways that Trump can't hide..he has no explanation. Once something is out- Trump cannot delete Russian tossed off a balcony will stop the press from printing his secrets.
That's why I say-- should Donald Trump EVER try to create a junta like takeover? I know he would be taken out by somebody deep,deep,deep undercover.
America hasn't existed for 250 years to have a habitual liar con artist end freedoms for all.

Lieberman mad at me...

I can figure out why. Too bad..I say what I say..its all truth.

I cure Trolls..

Ah-ha. I have a special set of skills.....

I think I make them, they cried...

Giant let parasite Zito "sing".

See,thats the way of the world..If Zito wasn't an arch conservative? After the money he stole for the Giant fans he would be persona non grata at ATT. But Larry Baer- intern skirt chaser- wants Zito around.
Let Zito say " Hail the Palestinian" ?..and watch Baer lock the doors.
That's how this country always works.  You can suckle the wealthy..and if  you get there yourself? They admire you no matter how you did it- that's what they tell each other.

And Zito? NO shame. What an ego that he cant go away.

His charity? Its called the " I,Barry Zito would never enlist so I pat the men on the back who go to die for me"

Even though this is all truth? Zito would never cop to that. He would spin it. "Uh,haters,leftist, rich". Exactly what he would do.

More ugly truth about Gary Radnich...

On his KNBR show? When he was making threats to bloggers? not only did he say he would get company lawyers..he added "If I have to hire people to get them( bloggers) I will".
And since I've seen some strange trolling lately I wouldn't put it past the guy to have interns on the Radnich payroll.
Yes,being real,I took what he said as a threat.

btw- I write what he says on air at KRON and KNBR...and in turn he's spending money to dig up dirt on me. Invade my privacy in a true stalker way. Yeah,he pretends to be normal on TV..ask Lieberman what Radnich is like and likes, and what he's capable of.

More on Radnich ripping Vin Scully ...

Radnich is the same guy who on the death of John Wooden,went on air and told story's of how Wooden paid off UCLA players..although it was never proved Wooden was involved. This,the day after the great coach died.

Yet- Radnich pushes Sid Rosenberg as a great guy!..the RACIST ROSENBERG who calls Radnich own family racist terms behind his back..I mean,are you going to tell me Rosenberg looks at Radnich black kids and gets warm and fuzzy? He laughs at the idiot who puts him on air.

Radnich is now trying to get himself into the bay area sports HOF..or else he would have put down Wayne Walker. Walker probably always thought Radnich was a clown.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vin Scully ripped by Gary Radnich...

A few weeks ago- I meant to post this- Radnich and Kruger got a load off playing a soundbite of Vin Scully doing some kind of right wing opinion of socialism while he was doing a Dodger game..and Vin sounded old..must have been near the end.
It's obvious Gary Radnich and Larry Kruger were basically saying- "See,he gets all praise,now HATE HIM".
Cheap shot at making themselves look better in the bay area.
Plus,now I don't like Vin Scully so much. Mission accomplished Gary!

Wouldn't it only be Gary Radnich to yank down Scully's image?   Radnich who's getting KRON to buy him into the bay area HOF.

Forward this to the LA Times.

Barry Zito,Donald Trump, red state type crap and values pushed on to the rest of us..

That's what the protesters hate the most..steroid user Zito and money launderer Trump go on and that part of the country that pretends to be of moral superiority because they are against everything-lol- support them...enable them.
Zito? Used his money to buy a few Rolls,mansions and beauty queens. But he wants you to think he's sensitive and caring..LOL. oh,the hypocrisy of that man.  He's "Not about all that" I bet he would swear to you! Yeah,after he got it all,he's not about that...typical.
Zito has never gotten into a fight because he's worried it will ruin his looks...its not standing up for something with Zito. Oh,he's got money..its the face,the face. ha.

Barry Zito's crap music. Self indulgent rich boy. Loves insults.

Zito just wont go away. He likes the abuse. Stunk as a pitcher,stinks as a musician. Whats wrong with him? Go build homes for the poor.
No,he wont do that. No,Zito who tried and went nowhere as some Alt.rocker years decided he might be better then getting libs to buy bad Alt. music and give it a try  with "country music" he calls it. Dumb Trump people audience.
He was born in Orange County..calls playing baseball hard work on a par with changing tires all day..and then ended the cheat em and steal money he made in baseball by marrying the beauty queen. Of course he would. Barry marry for love when he needs a trophy look?
Barry Zito..the predictable clone who thinks he's an original.

By the way FOX ktvu had him perform. So look for Barry to invade every conservative sports outfit- and that's almost all of them- to get his rotten country music on air. Comcast might as well be Trump center.

Zito on KTVU? More of the fall of that once great station ever since Murdoch and sons took over.

Russian Banker offers to talk with immunity. Told no.

Saw it on MSNBC.  Even if somebody want to confess? The GOP will lock the doors to him.

Now we know how Trump went from bankrupt 4 times and nobody would loan him money. He sold out to the Russians.

"Anger will eat you Stan" I get that all the time.

So what? You think that happy la la is going to make you live forever?  I already put more years in then most. I die? ok. So what no.2 Why should I be giggly and la la?
Hey,I like happy happy people. But,that's them. I accept their cheer. I accept me.

I can take care of myself.  I always find a way. So,thats not a problem. I know that we all go matter if we burn the candle,or freeze it..time goes by. Its why I decided years ago to post. I get tired of the BS and the lies and attitude that I saw through long ago.
If your phony? Stay away from me.

I take on all comers..

Even those vile filthy mouthed types? I answer. Same as I would the best spoken and cultured. I answer.
Meet me in the alley? I answer.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Harvard. Good training grounds for economic terrorists.

You notice when you read of the newest greed meister to make the news- they went to Harvard?  Crooked bankers,crooked CEO...went to Harvard.  Lawyers who are predators? lost count how many went to Harvard law.
Its the kind of thing that made the Chinese take those type and march them out of the city to work in the fields. It was not a good idea in the long run,but must have felt damn good when it started.
Oh,and Jerod Kushner went to Harvard. My topics inspiration.

Added: 5/31/17...TED CRUZ went to Harvard law. A man with no scruples. Trump called his wife a dog..and now Cruz rolls over like one for Donald. Cruz is genuine trash. Harvard trash.

Make America Great Again- hang traitors for treason!

The good old days.

Added 5/30/..I think I inspired Kathy Griffin!

Monuments are not history..they are what somebody thinks of history. Bring down Confederate statues!

Like I said..
btw- NO giant Swastika's are in Germany.


I told you. Read my blog and you read that I said,Trump sounds like he wished he hadn't won and could go back to his life. Says the Washington Post.
Its like I tell you the future. btw- I wrote the same thing about Billy Beane stepping down..and weeks later he did. Like the future is mine to tell!

Radnich now pushing his kid to be an entertainer.

So,at what point do I take shots at a kid who sounds like his obnoxious Dad? When you are Gary Radnich..why would you push your family on to the public? Just asking to cause troubles. What an idiot he wants bring down his own kids.

"Look kids,Daddy who is hated by so many,wants to share with you what it feels like to be ripped on the internet!"  He's father of the year. So's mommy.

btw- Were you sickened by the tweet he did of his kid wearing sunglasses in the house AND GOLD CHAINS wrapped around his neck?  AND there was Radnich in the background with that grin he puts on like he's so proud. Radnich is teaching his kid right alright...

Hey that grin of Radnich? The one HE thinks is so little girl cute? Makes him look like a fat rat. A giant fat rat. Look for cheese crumbs to dribble out of his mouth.

Trump= no rally's no presscons. As I predicted- the President recluse.

Thats another STAN prediction come true..Did I not say that? more talking to the press. He even canceled an Iowa "rally".
He's going to be either impeached..or he is going to declare himself president for life..or War.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Radnich and wife get a little nasty on TV.

I guess it spices up their moribund sex life...As they do emails,Radnich puts his hand on the edge of the table..she leans forward. Radnich has to put his hand faaar to the right to line it up.
Good for them..getting jollies.
He couldn't just stand next her. Everything he does has to be strange.

East Bay Times quote me. I put bike lock incident in proper perspective.

Find the story of me taking on the rabid right wing that is loud about some guy who conked another guy on the head with a bike lock. The crowd that screamed bloody murder...think Trumps treason is all made up.
Trumpers went to Berkeley to cause trouble. Guess what they got?

Jerod Kushner wanted to do espionage out of the White House.

His "secret channel" is pure arrogance on Kushner who feels so far above the law he can openly spy from the White House.
He's convinced himself he is so brilliant..nobody would dare do a thing. How much of this before we do arrests? HOW MUCH?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whatever happened to "Swish"?

"Its all net!". Back in the good old days -the 1970's- it was SWISH!  That's the way we liked it and it should go back to that.

Alan Dershowitz and Paris Dennard...How do they get the media to put them on air?

If Alan Dershowitz is a Harvard law Professor? I am Professor of law on Mt.Olympus with the Gods.  Dershowitz has some asinine legal opinions. Hey,let me do my Dershowitz impersonation..ehem...Alan at the diner: " I ordered vanilla ice cream and you gave me pecan? ANTI SEMITE!!"
He goes there every time.

Dennard? Wow. This guy has reasons for EVERYTHING Trump does as "Good". There are a few of those types out there..but this guys flamboyant stiff way complete with batting eyelashes like a windup toy is out there. Unplug that guy.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Republicans spent 840 days investigating Benghazi. 0 days investigating Russian Hacking.

wow. Can you believe that?

Now you see Sessions- that filthy slime- has been lying about MORE Russian contacts?  

Republicans are the lowest form of American. Its why the Russians go for them.

They know Republicans are the easiest to bribe and first to be traitors to old glory. Every time.

Mueller resigned from law firm...that represented IVANKA. Wait,I have more bad news..

Joe Lieberman ( where have I heard that name?) had been working for a law firm that represented TRUMP corporations as one client.
When the crooks can appoint who investigates it realistic to think the investigators will do a great job? No,it isn't.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Justine Waldman heeds Mr. Stans advice. Good deal!

As  wrote a few months ago when I was going through my brutal KRON honesty period..and they I can tell you, earned need to go into details.
One was the observation that Justine Waldman's hair was waaay too thick and heavy. It made her look old, she got off the boat at Ellis Island in 1903 wearing a babushka and lots of neck scarfs.
She just recently really had it thinned and it looks perfect. I would not takes ages off her and is complimentary. Just avoid the red ,RED, are a more subtle flesh toned lips type woman..or light pink. Mr. Stan's lack of expertise on that subject is substantial.  I just know what looks good,eh,Stay away from red.

I'm sure the Hubby likes having a new hot chick in his life. Variety is the spice of life...

ps. I was hoping my influence in the media would be felt..I never thought it would have been about hair. Or shoes.
Life is strange when you are...

In praise of " Air Bread".

My father hated Wonderbread. He would call it "airbread" since that's why its so soft and he then would go on to say it has no nutrition..all that.
But!..Now that I'm as old as he was then..if not older, let me comeback with "Yes,but it only takes a minute and a half to toast it!". That's what I like..the healthy breads will make you stand by the toaster for hours just watching water boil kind of thing. Your coffee is hot,your egg and bacon..and there you are standing by the toaster waiting for the non air bread to toast.
Wonderbread- ...saves time and its NOW!.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who's hotter- Claritin D woman or Toyota woman?

When the Clariton D does her dance down the pharmacy isle?..ooooooh. Toyota woman in her heels and general black haired perfectness is right there.

There's a another older MILF..prilosec?..She's got more "health" if you know what I mean then the younger more petite ladies of Clariton and Toyota.
She does that sly smile thing to perfection.

THEN,you have the older 40 ish..with the big booty who's walks on a lawn in heels and she sort of wiggles? What was she selling? Big blue eyes,short brown hair. Insurance? I might have to update this post.

I like my commercial woman. Wholesome beauty. Aren't they all what you were supposed to get in college?..the dream? They may sell dog food on commercials...but they are all woman. Perfect woman.

Added: The bootylicious woman is in the Liberty insurance commercial. Red haired.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

BRAVO Whistle blowers...the REAL Patriots. lady. Whoever.

Trump wants hurry and die and take all the secrets to his grave.

Thats why he's going after the 99 year old Joe Lieberman. Counting on a half ass effort,then he dies and whatever deep secrets he learns,go with him. Not 50 more years to talk like the younger candidates.
Trump does nothing for America,ever. He does only for himself.


Its like Trump is friendly with Sweden.the GOP has hadn't one member stand up and say what the hell is going on?
IF Obama had invited spy Russians into the White House ? OHHHH FOX news would be on fire!..GOP starting impeachment.
Trump may kill us even just end Seoul as a city all with Republican backing. They back the commies and dictators.

((((((((I think Putin learned the lowest form of American,is the Republican. They are the first to go traitor,the easiest to buy off.)))))))

My advice to family channel radio...

 To Our own Oakland christian station I would advise..stick to the comforting music..thats nice.

BUT!..Drop the guy with the deep voice who does bible readings such as, " AND THE LORD SAID..strike them down,and cast there sheep and cattle into the river to DROWN!".

C'mon,that doesn't sound christian,its sounds satanist.

That,and the funeral sounding music. Egad that's depressing.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"Donald Trump has unusual energy" says reporter. He has a connection to feelgood pills.

More then the previous two presidents he followed the reporter said.  I thought about that. Well,remember Trumps weird bizarre personal doctor?  I can see him as Dr. Feelgood for Trump. Dr. prescribes uppers..and a Trump getting so strung out and paranoid he tweets things like Obama is listening to him in Trump Tower.
Do you see the pieces fitting together?

The Sickening Republicans. After 8 years of Obama peace,REPUBS defend the Traitor Trump!

No such thing as a good Republican if they find Trump as anything less then a traitor. Hearing one apologist after another on the news shows. LOL,I remember when they started fires to get Obama if he tied his shoes wrong. Donald Trump is laughing and yucking it up with Russians..and there's Fox news,right wing radio..blaming everybody but Trump!

I called one thing perfect- "Plan B" of the CIA FBI NSA to stop a mad man president..

At least they are trying with unheard of leaks to the media. Plan B is outing his being a thief and traitor committing treason.
Plan "A"?  You know what that entails. Trump better stay away from grassy knolls.

Muehller apointed by Rosenstein who was appointed by Trump. Not a good feeling.

There might be one reason Trump feels no qualms about doing what he wants and saying what he apologies. Because the Russians have took hold of the Republican party. You saw Ryan joke about "The family" and who gets paid by Russians.
Its as if no amount of evidence will make Congress impeach him.  You see that old movie "Z"? about do gooders who expose a corrupt Greek government and just as they get ready to celebrate..tanks roll in and crush all the last vestiges of Democracy. I see Trump every bit capable of doing that. I'm SURE..he and Bannon have kicked around idea's of how to make a Trump dictator.

Maybe Comey found out Trump has gay lovers.

That might be one way of Comey hinting why he felt so uncomfortable being hugged by Trump. Think about it.

So we planted Sunflowers...

 After putting the seeds in ground and watering them..the grandma says to the six year old "Are they blooming yet?"  the 6 answers "No,not yet. In 5 or ten minutes".  C'mon,that's hilarious. ALL true.

Nichole Wallace on MSNBC. Makes men swoon.

Its funny to see the men- from Brian Williams to the nerdy WH reporter just compliment her to death with longing in their heart. She's a goddess no doubt.

FOX's fake liberal gets canned for bigoted remark. Told you.

Bob Beckel. He's the one I did the post on when I saw him pretend to be a liberal and laughably would say "Trump is a racist" at inopportune times.
Well- his real personality came out when he told a black tech something racist.  I knew this guy was pure phony.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton should be named President.

Trump and Pence were in collusion- I know it.  So,that means the election runner-up should be named as President. Hillary Clinton. Its done for other elections down to beauty pageants.

Speaker of the House? More crooks in Ryan. America would NEVER accept him as President. He's tainted also by the Russians. Not speaking up when he suspected,he knew, is enough to eliminate him.
Article 25..the 25th amendment I guess it is,opens the chance. Hillary for President. Again.

Chris Cornell RIP.

Man, another of the greatest voices out of Seattle in the early 90's gone. Cobain,Staley and now Cornell. All suicide more or less.  All,pretty close to my age and why I call that time the last of my youth. I listened to that all day everyday..blasted it in the car radio. 25 years later I blast NPR and KPFA Berkeley lib radio.
I tell you,its easy to see why rock stars die young..or younger then they should. Its no fun no longer being on the rocket of new and young. Singing near 25 year old songs over and over pays the bills..but for the ones that made it huge,maybe its a reminder of what they used to be in a "job" that celebrates young and fun and dumb.
Old,wiser,and slow is for their parents.
Who doesn't wish it was 1992 again?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MSNBC fires Lawrence O'Donnell. Lib orator rubbed the conservatives too hard.

Despite getting huge ratings,his conservative boss Andy Lack- yes,that's his name- has shut down the long time reporter- pundit- host.
See,this proves that its all bullshit that big corporations only see one color- green. Wrong. Mostly that it is true..but what rises above that?..Good old Boy.  Lack was said to be upset that O 'Donnell daily called Donald Trump a liar. Can you believe after all the giant, hideous, bloated, and blatant lies Trump has told.. a news chief would be offended one of his hosts called him a plain liar?
O' Donnell could have have said Trump was a sex fetishist daily and been on the right too. Pee is a turn on to the repressed Donald Trump.  Andy I suppose would fall to pieces hearing that.
Well- email and tweet Andy Lack@MSNBC and let him have it. He will block you after it- so MAKE IT A GOOD ONE! Give it yer best body shot.

ps In my OP?  O' Donnell also drove a stake into Lack when he challenged Bill O Reilly to sue him.

ANDY LACK, rip him to pieces!

Hilarious- Putin has transcripts of Oval Office meeting.

Russian's recording in the Oval Office!  Russian's only taking photos of lighthearted laughter!
If Trump stays in office when the dust settles? It will mean democracy is over. That,is not a joke.

Ayesha Curry- Native American?

I was watching those HGTV shows. One young native American couple were going to buy their first home in Arizona,and SHE was a dead ringer for Ayesha Curry.
Ayesha needs to do one of those genealogy shows...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump needs to go before he starts pushing the red button.

He is not stable. Stable at home in Trump Tower. Stable on a TV show. But take that 70 year old man and make him the butt of jokes all day,and his very being, assaulted for what he says and does- even deserved- his ego,and psych of eggshells, cracks.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump giving Russia our secret codes!

I said he would..go look back over my blog. I said he would do that when he was at Mar Lago with the nuclear football. Put that with what Im telling you- Trump is cracking internally. He's a thin skinned man who has never taken a real assault on his ego.
The million woman march,Russia,his unhappy marriage,his incompetence on how to put together a staff or pass legislation...his watching cable news until the bags under his eyes are bulging. ALL are eating him. Yet,according to him the media loves "Obama". He's punching holes in the WH walls with a fireplace poker at that jealousy of the saintly wait and see when the "book" comes out one day.
I would not doubt he has a strong case of paranoia. Everybody but Ivanka is the enemy. Maybe her too!

Russian's like my blog too.

For every 6 American views,I get 8 from mother Russia.  They know I was the guy who predicted Trump would make up evidence of Obama wiretapping,and also said he really would bomb 2 month into his Presidency. 2 for 2.
I also said almost to the day of his first week,He's on the fastrack to Impeachment.

Well,Russian woman are outstandingly beautiful,and  I can see why so many would dump "Fred" the nerdy American husband they meet on the dating sites. Jeez,know your level,not what you can afford...

CNN likes my blog.

To make it short,one particular CNN commentator opined nearly word for word what I said about SNL's Trump portrayal. That was my first huh. Then yesterday the same guy did the same thing about my Rod Rosenstien "has no idea" of what Trump is up to blog post I did.
I cant remember the guys time,I will write it down.

But I think you all know that feeling when you write something..and somebody "borrowed" you? Un mistakable.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rod Rosenstein has no idea what Trump is up too...none.

He's a prosecutor and Harvard grad.Yet is a babe in the woods at Trumps intentions for this country. No,Rod see's nothing wrong going on here. Fire the FBI director as the heat of a Russian investigation and Russian collusion AND money laundering gets hot? Rod has heard none of it. Nobody has told him a thing and he never reads or watches TV.
He's just a simple guy doing his job.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I think Rosenstein was bought off.

"Rod,I can make you a very wealthy man for life...just be loyal" Rosenstein cant be that dumb to not link the firing with obstructing the investigation. You don't need a law degree to figure that out. Yet,he does have one and from Harvard. Hence- the ridiculousness of the timing and real intent of his "opinion".
Trump must think people are idiots...lies about illegal voters,Comey,Russians.
Thank your Republican party for propping up the traitor president.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Radnich exploiting his family to make him look good again.

The way he's acting like he's Super Dad,why not call his kids "The Radnich 4"?  "Kids, who wants to learn to play drums?" He tells them....
Of course being Mormon.,they COULD call themselves "The Radnich's",one maybe being country and the others being Rock& Roll.
But,we know Raddy's musical taste trumps Morman family singing kid groups...

What a conservative politician answered to a Democrats question.

I heard this last week somewhere on TV. A Democrat who had seen the Republicans vote down another bill to help somebody,asked one of those Heritage types "What should the government do for its citizens with their tax money?" The Repub thought, then said " Nothing.... Just Armed Forces".
Thats it. Thats what the rich want for you too. And big moats and ehem,tall walls for themselves.

"Honey,turn off the lights" guy needs to be bludgeoned to death.

Most annoying tag line in the business right now. I just hope they don't make a jingle out of it.

Trump wishes he hadnt won.

He keeps saying over and over "Its all because the Democrats lost an election they should have won". I think Trump is feeling that he could have lived with runner up,done more TV..make more money.
Now? He doing something he's never done or had- scathing hate from the public,Investigations up his ying yang, and the possibility he will go down in history as the traitor president.
I tell ya- wounded animals will do anything to live. Trump is wounded.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Comey says Trump is "Crazy". Your telling me.

Trump is cracking,as I wrote before. The attacks are coming from all angles and yes- I think he would violate the constitution to stay in power. He already broke the law laundering Russian money,Russian hacking during the election. He's the type to go down and take the world with him. As in nuke North Korea.
Think like a criminal and your on Trumps brain wavelength.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ama Daetz to be a ...Mom!

STAN REPORTS:  Yep,she's going to have a cute one in October. I noticed my TV set was glowing when I watched I had to ask. No need to call a TV technician now.

Add Rosenstein to the slime under Trump's thumb.

Yeah, The guy with the kick a puppy aura around him in two weeks,just for fun,decides Comey needs to be fired.
Donald Trump is going for dictator of our country and Republicans are fine with that. They WANT a right wing dictator who will purge American of people of color,prey on its own people. Its their wet dream for decades.
Look who McConnell picked for the Health Care..12...  men. Under Trump just be a blatant bigot like Steve King of Idaho.
I tell you, there are many Americans who if they go down to fascists? Go down fighting.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Trump appointed FBI director? lol...First thing he does is wipe all hardrives on Trump.

Donald Trump is going for ruler of the USA.

When Lindsey Graham said he wanted the investigation into Trump business? Final straw to Trump.

I THINK, THAT IS THE REASON.  He cant fire Graham no,but that put the fear of God into Trump who acted out- fired Comey.  Trump saw headlines of his taxes and business dealing laid out wide open to the public. Again,he feared....

Trump now going to hire FBI director who likes the idea of a Fascist country led by Donald Trump.

I told you.Trump is doing everything he can to be King joke. His goal is be ruler of us all.

Who would have Al Capone hired to prosecute him?  Somebody who could not find the Al Elephant in the room.

Trump fired 47DOJ lawyers,Yates,and Comey..all investigating Trump. Obstruction of law- big time.

What does that all add up to? Trump is waist deep in stink. He's doing exactly what Putin would do..huh?

Comey did everything wrong,even when he did what was right.

Its irony on irony. He felt the need to keep Hillary from being president. He was a Trump man until he met Trump,or read the papers on Trumps post election destruction. He installed a deranged rich man as President of the USA.
Now? Trump is hanging Comey by his own petard. Using NOT prosecuting Hillary Clinton as a sign he's incompetent- hows that for a kick in the rear?
Trump as I said..will cannibalize if that's what it takes to keep his power. Trump is evil.

Republican woman in the Senate submissive to the men.

What a slap in the face to woman. Yet,not a single one has said a word of protest. Left out of the health plan by "no moving lips McConnell". He's looks like he see's a taxidermist not a doctor.

I think the Republican woman are at home baking cakes for hubby.

What I said about Comey is coming home to roost. Didn't I tell you?

He's been caught in the lie about the rush to embarrass Hillary Clinton over emails that went nowhere.
Now he's going to judge the man he wanted as President. Uhuh.

KNBR has (practically) replaced Radnich with a commercial.

I was kind of wondering to myself why I miss his show now so often. I was reminded today. When I put him on ..its a commercial. I go away...remember to comeback, say, in 15 minutes...its a commercial.
That's one way to stay out of my blog..don't have a show.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rachel Maddow,WARRIORS, Rachel Maddow,WARRIORS, Rachel...

Tough call,she's really giving it to Trump and co. 
Warriors toying with those poor Utahs.  The fans are good people too.

Is Gary Radnich still alive?

I don't hear or see much of the blowhard. Blows very hard.

Gary Radnich neutered at KRON. About time.

You can put KRON on and ..Radnich is far away from the anchor desk to save the woman at KRON from Mr. Grope.  His time- and paycheck- has been sliced in half.  I have fun watching him rush to say goodbye,because if he tries to keep talking, they cut him off!  30 years here? Yer free lunch is over Radnich.
The real laffs are that Radnich tries to pretend- like O Reilly did- that  its all normal and the same. Even if he has to use a megaphone to talk to the anchor desk-LOL.
Radnich really needs to do more sell his Moose Lodge events more often for pocket money now that Radnich has to hustle for it. A lease on his used car he can barely afford.  His fantasy world.

Too bad he didn't have testicles to boycott his cut in pay. But,who wants him? Where would he go? Besides,its nice to see the arrogant punk ass Radnich at 70 years old take orders from people half his age. Obey what they tell him to do on his lonely podium..

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I wonder if Mark Bullwinkle ever considered doing something whimsical?

He might think about trying it one day. Give it a shot.

Brian Williams show. He's more bored then Radnich.

I will watch his show...but the non stop one liners sometimes painfully stretched out..kind of take his guests for granted they like being treated like that. As Radnich does with KRON people.
Brian Williams clearly thinks the MSNBC show is beneath him. He's got that "I'm going to one day come in and say how much I hate my own damn show"
Williams really should have gave a try at acting. He's the 007 type stuck doing a cable access show.

Donald Trump and his NRA speech.

I meant to post this sooner ....But,what gets me about that whole thing? It was the NRA and gun lovers together,and yet NOBODY could bring a gun because of Donald Trumps safety!...yeah,the man who you think would be telling the good old boys "Raise your weapons and fire into the air boys!"..but no,because the Secret Service says guns are never to be near Donald Trump. The rest of us all over the country ? Learn to dodge bullets!
The whole irony of guns in the hands of those who claim to respect them the most-including Donald Trump himself..well,reality won. Bring a gun near Donny and get treated rudely. Suddenly guns are dangerous,guns DO kill people.
No,Donald Trump wasn't about to invite the licensed to carry boys, in. Unless they had badges that didn't stink.

Friday, May 5, 2017

5 for Cinco De Mayo.

Blue eyed soul--

Carlos or course..

Freddie Fender..

Some Texas Tornadoes!

Linda Ronstadt.

Then there's Sam the Sham and the Pharohs. Question Mark and the Mysterions. Dave Baby Cortez,
Fun songs...

Trump,as I said when he was elected, will use everyday to refine Fascism.

I said that as he bumbles around. He has nothing to do but try every avenue- bully to honey- to get his way. Simple as that.
And worry- he IS going for the over reach. He loves that term you notice? That's more of what we all have seen from him ,projecting what he calls others and really means about himself. Obama he said over reached all the time.  Trump is maneuvering overreaching himself into dictator of the United States. Obama is a "sick and bad " man. Projecting big time by Trump.
I know the investigation is making Trump the trapped rat under the hot bucket...he's going for it all asap.
You better worry.

Local papers need to drop Raider beat writers. Stick to the bay area teams.

You know when one of the local teams in baseball is eliminated form the playoffs in August? the local papers drop the beat writers and go to AP?  That's how they should treat the Raiders and Mark Davis now. Every Raider story to me takes up space about local teams.
Why pretend they represent Oakland?  Mark Davis like his father is a traitor. Al Davis? I could wipe my feet on " His legacy". It was all about him,not the fans.  Hell has an eternal flame waiting for Mark Davis...
I'm so sick of the last 30 years of Al Davis and his family.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

wow- The last six days of warm weather went by fast!

How the winter dragged on and on, right?  This six days of summer 80-92f in Hayward was great..warm even in the shade. I was in the slang digging (and literally too) doing things until it got dark.   Cares and worry's melted away. That's what summer is.
Cool foggy summer days don't cut it with me.

I miss KFRC style music.

There isn't a single radio FM station that plays rock top 40 from the 60's to the 80's. Not one. No Stones and Tavares to Laura Branigan.  I might find a station that plays some songs..but they play the same some songs over and over. Like hell's waiting room.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"I must be doing well,I'm President and you're not"-DJT. Yeah,for right now. I might be President in 2020.

He's on such shaky ground,I might beat him in 2020. Just to shut up the traitor and braggart rich man.

Goddamn House Republicans voting on a bill that hasn't even been scored. Hypocrites.

What will be the effects? Republican's don't care. They only care they agree on something. How much will it cost? again,hypocritical Republicans don't care..those fiscal conservatives on the cost of an orange for poor school kids,are free money for insurance company's.
No study's whatsoever. The Republican way.

Nexstar has a good strong leash on Radnich.

What a difference in KRON lately. None of that out of control bloated ego doing near avant garde sportscasting..with plenty of bully pulpit added. KRON tried a little leash before. Remember, they took him off the news desk since he got touchy feely with the female anchors...everyday. But,his swollen ego opinions and bad takes on things during the sports, are now mostly gone- safer opinions replaced them. And, the use-a lower-ranking-anchor-as -a-shill, act is gone now too.
It reminds me of his 1980's-1990's Radnich act..only with no Sittdown!!! anymore.

He never should have given up on "that" Radnich.

Melania "likes" Tweet that says her marriage is unhappy.

Sure the white house took down those TWO likes she did. But!, the WH has not said those likes by Melania were not her. They came from her official account.
Show me a little honesty and I feel sorry for her. She did and I really do.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why is the FBI taking so long? Well,ask yourself who did Comey vote for?

Why are there no bombshell open reports? No updates from the FBI?  Its not like a trial where all is then revealed...the FBI could tell the public its on the right track and there IS corruption in the Trump White House.
Why hasn't it been revealed if the FBI has spoken to Trump about the sordid mess? Strange that I haven't heard the media ask Trump is he's spoken to investigators. Would be the first thing I ask.
This is a scary time..the conflagration of the election and Comey and Trump have given us a strange bizarre president and appointed officials straight out of Hollywood evil accomplices casting.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Trump cracking. Comments about the Civil War,calls to the Phillipinnes,..more of him about Obama.

He's feeling it. This morning when confronted about his Obama tweets,and pressed about Obama being a sick man? It was like pinning a schizophrenic to a corner about his delusions. Trump,thought- turned beet red, and then ran behind his desk. It was like a Leonardo De Caprio movie !  Crazed wealthy or at least VIP,and now PUSA made to face reality. Trump chooses fantasy world.
I wonder what the top military in this country- the top law enforcement- would they stand by and let him go nuclear war?
I tell ya- if they do,they must love the idea of living in tunnels for 50 years....