Sunday, May 28, 2017

Barry Zito,Donald Trump, red state type crap and values pushed on to the rest of us..

That's what the protesters hate the most..steroid user Zito and money launderer Trump go on and that part of the country that pretends to be of moral superiority because they are against everything-lol- support them...enable them.
Zito? Used his money to buy a few Rolls,mansions and beauty queens. But he wants you to think he's sensitive and caring..LOL. oh,the hypocrisy of that man.  He's "Not about all that" I bet he would swear to you! Yeah,after he got it all,he's not about that...typical.
Zito has never gotten into a fight because he's worried it will ruin his looks...its not standing up for something with Zito. Oh,he's got money..its the face,the face. ha.