Sunday, May 28, 2017

Barry Zito's crap music. Self indulgent rich boy. Loves insults.

Zito just wont go away. He likes the abuse. Stunk as a pitcher,stinks as a musician. Whats wrong with him? Go build homes for the poor.
No,he wont do that. No,Zito who tried and went nowhere as some Alt.rocker years decided he might be better then getting libs to buy bad Alt. music and give it a try  with "country music" he calls it. Dumb Trump people audience.
He was born in Orange County..calls playing baseball hard work on a par with changing tires all day..and then ended the cheat em and steal money he made in baseball by marrying the beauty queen. Of course he would. Barry marry for love when he needs a trophy look?
Barry Zito..the predictable clone who thinks he's an original.

By the way FOX ktvu had him perform. So look for Barry to invade every conservative sports outfit- and that's almost all of them- to get his rotten country music on air. Comcast might as well be Trump center.

Zito on KTVU? More of the fall of that once great station ever since Murdoch and sons took over.