Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chris Cornell RIP.

Man, another of the greatest voices out of Seattle in the early 90's gone. Cobain,Staley and now Cornell. All suicide more or less.  All,pretty close to my age and why I call that time the last of my youth. I listened to that all day everyday..blasted it in the car radio. 25 years later I blast NPR and KPFA Berkeley lib radio.
I tell you,its easy to see why rock stars die young..or younger then they should. Its no fun no longer being on the rocket of new and young. Singing near 25 year old songs over and over pays the bills..but for the ones that made it huge,maybe its a reminder of what they used to be in a "job" that celebrates young and fun and dumb.
Old,wiser,and slow is for their parents.
Who doesn't wish it was 1992 again?