Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Donald Trump. America's first crazed and unfit President. REVENGE is his motive now.

I tell you...that Tweet was part of his Dr Feelgood pills knocking him out...the same Doctor who prescribes the uppers that give the 70 year old "Energy". They also cause him to Tweet he knows Obama is listening to him at 3 am.
SO now we got some speed freak President,unfit for office who when he see's the writing on the wall in huge letters? Its all revenge babay. He's going to do every opposite rule and law and anything he can to destroy- uh,deconstruct- our civil rights,our liberty's and of course our economy. ALL of it while making his family even more wealthy.
See..the Trump base WANTS a Trump dictator. They are 1938 Germany. With them,he might end 250 years of Democracy.  Look for the street riots and resistance of the highest order to break out.

Unless our Intelligence people do the right thing. Plan B.

God Bless those Patriot leakers so far.