Sunday, May 7, 2017

Donald Trump and his NRA speech.

I meant to post this sooner ....But,what gets me about that whole thing? It was the NRA and gun lovers together,and yet NOBODY could bring a gun because of Donald Trumps safety!...yeah,the man who you think would be telling the good old boys "Raise your weapons and fire into the air boys!"..but no,because the Secret Service says guns are never to be near Donald Trump. The rest of us all over the country ? Learn to dodge bullets!
The whole irony of guns in the hands of those who claim to respect them the most-including Donald Trump himself..well,reality won. Bring a gun near Donny and get treated rudely. Suddenly guns are dangerous,guns DO kill people.
No,Donald Trump wasn't about to invite the licensed to carry boys, in. Unless they had badges that didn't stink.