Monday, May 8, 2017

Gary Radnich neutered at KRON. About time.

You can put KRON on and ..Radnich is far away from the anchor desk to save the woman at KRON from Mr. Grope.  His time- and paycheck- has been sliced in half.  I have fun watching him rush to say goodbye,because if he tries to keep talking, they cut him off!  30 years here? Yer free lunch is over Radnich.
The real laffs are that Radnich tries to pretend- like O Reilly did- that  its all normal and the same. Even if he has to use a megaphone to talk to the anchor desk-LOL.
Radnich really needs to do more sell his Moose Lodge events more often for pocket money now that Radnich has to hustle for it. A lease on his used car he can barely afford.  His fantasy world.

Too bad he didn't have testicles to boycott his cut in pay. But,who wants him? Where would he go? Besides,its nice to see the arrogant punk ass Radnich at 70 years old take orders from people half his age. Obey what they tell him to do on his lonely podium..