Monday, May 29, 2017

Giant let parasite Zito "sing".

See,thats the way of the world..If Zito wasn't an arch conservative? After the money he stole for the Giant fans he would be persona non grata at ATT. But Larry Baer- intern skirt chaser- wants Zito around.
Let Zito say " Hail the Palestinian" ?..and watch Baer lock the doors.
That's how this country always works.  You can suckle the wealthy..and if  you get there yourself? They admire you no matter how you did it- that's what they tell each other.

And Zito? NO shame. What an ego that he cant go away.

His charity? Its called the " I,Barry Zito would never enlist so I pat the men on the back who go to die for me"

Even though this is all truth? Zito would never cop to that. He would spin it. "Uh,haters,leftist, rich". Exactly what he would do.