Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kathy Griffin used her freedom..of well,hating the President. + Our President knows murderers.

I doubt anybody thinks she's part of any "plan". Holding up a decapitated head..a wax dummy. NO different then burning a flag in effigy. You love Trump? Its bad..very bad. Uncouth. Bad taste.

Hey I was watching the crime channel. And did you hear of a longtime swindler and con artist millionaire who was blown up in his car in Las Vegas? It was famous. Supposed to be a mob hit.
Well,it turned out to be the guys wife and hired bomber.
Get this- BOTH  were friends of Donald Trump and Marla Maples!...The Donald was at the guys wedding! He knew this guy had mob ties,Indian Casino's. You know this is the THIRD different crime show where people who were killers and con artists were friends at one time of Donald Trump.

Guess what? An attorney testified that Donald Trump RAPED his first wife. I just heard that on MSNBC.

Add it all up.