Monday, May 29, 2017

More on Radnich ripping Vin Scully ...

Radnich is the same guy who on the death of John Wooden,went on air and told story's of how Wooden paid off UCLA players..although it was never proved Wooden was involved. This,the day after the great coach died.

Yet- Radnich pushes Sid Rosenberg as a great guy!..the RACIST ROSENBERG who calls Radnich own family racist terms behind his back..I mean,are you going to tell me Rosenberg looks at Radnich black kids and gets warm and fuzzy? He laughs at the idiot who puts him on air.

Radnich is now trying to get himself into the bay area sports HOF..or else he would have put down Wayne Walker. Walker probably always thought Radnich was a clown.