Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MSNBC fires Lawrence O'Donnell. Lib orator rubbed the conservatives too hard.

Despite getting huge ratings,his conservative boss Andy Lack- yes,that's his name- has shut down the long time reporter- pundit- host.
See,this proves that its all bullshit that big corporations only see one color- green. Wrong. Mostly that it is true..but what rises above that?..Good old Boy.  Lack was said to be upset that O 'Donnell daily called Donald Trump a liar. Can you believe after all the giant, hideous, bloated, and blatant lies Trump has told.. a news chief would be offended one of his hosts called him a plain liar?
O' Donnell could have have said Trump was a sex fetishist daily and been on the right too. Pee is a turn on to the repressed Donald Trump.  Andy I suppose would fall to pieces hearing that.
Well- email and tweet Andy Lack@MSNBC and let him have it. He will block you after it- so MAKE IT A GOOD ONE! Give it yer best body shot.

ps In my OP?  O' Donnell also drove a stake into Lack when he challenged Bill O Reilly to sue him.

ANDY LACK, rip him to pieces!