Saturday, May 27, 2017

Radnich now pushing his kid to be an entertainer.

So,at what point do I take shots at a kid who sounds like his obnoxious Dad? When you are Gary Radnich..why would you push your family on to the public? Just asking to cause troubles. What an idiot he wants bring down his own kids.

"Look kids,Daddy who is hated by so many,wants to share with you what it feels like to be ripped on the internet!"  He's father of the year. So's mommy.

btw- Were you sickened by the tweet he did of his kid wearing sunglasses in the house AND GOLD CHAINS wrapped around his neck?  AND there was Radnich in the background with that grin he puts on like he's so proud. Radnich is teaching his kid right alright...

Hey that grin of Radnich? The one HE thinks is so little girl cute? Makes him look like a fat rat. A giant fat rat. Look for cheese crumbs to dribble out of his mouth.