Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump giving Russia our secret codes!

I said he would..go look back over my blog. I said he would do that when he was at Mar Lago with the nuclear football. Put that with what Im telling you- Trump is cracking internally. He's a thin skinned man who has never taken a real assault on his ego.
The million woman march,Russia,his unhappy marriage,his incompetence on how to put together a staff or pass legislation...his watching cable news until the bags under his eyes are bulging. ALL are eating him. Yet,according to him the media loves "Obama". He's punching holes in the WH walls with a fireplace poker at that jealousy of the saintly wait and see when the "book" comes out one day.
I would not doubt he has a strong case of paranoia. Everybody but Ivanka is the enemy. Maybe her too!